Rising K-drama star Kim Minkyu’s show The Heavenly Idol is almost halfway through. Here’s a look at The Heavenly Idol episode 7 release time and preview.

TVN and Rakuten Viki’s weekly K-drama The Heavenly Idol has an interesting plot that has made fans hooked from the beginning where high priest Lembrary and idol Woo Yeon Woo exchange their bodies under a strange circumstance. Lembrary’s childlike innocence in the human world is quite entertaining and refreshing to watch.

The Heavenly Idol episode 7 preview/ TVN Drama YouTube

Release time of The Heavenly Idol episode 7

The Heavenly Idol episode 7 will air on March 8 at 10.30 pm KST/8.30 am ET/5.30 am PST/1.30 pm GMT.

Later, the Korean drama will be available on Rakuten Viki with English subtitles in a few hours.

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Preview of The Heavenly Idol episode 7

The preview of The Heavenly Idol reveals that high priest Lembrary is also developing feelings for manager Dal but he is trying to stop himself from accepting the truth. On top of that, Lembrary has taken the challenge of being a ‘slave’ for a day for Oh Jung Shin.

On top of that, Lembrary appears at a radio show and reveals a secret that will create a stir for the K-pop group Wild Animal.

As the Devil appears to be more determined to kill Lembrary in the human world itself, viewers are interested to know how the high priest will save the idols who have gone astray in the devil’s path and also win the music show to bring the real Woo Yeon Woo back.

Fans react to Kim Minkyu’s happy pill K-drama

Kim Minkyu’s The Heavenly Idol has become K-drama viewers’ new happy pill to beat the mid-week blues away.

Speaking of the drama, a fan shared, “6 episodes in and I’m really loving The Heavenly Idol so so much especially the comedy! HAPPY PILL KDRAMA.”

Another fan dubbed the drama a hidden gem gushing, “halfway through the heavenly idol? i think we’re halfway but it’s such a hidden gem, I really really enjoy it.”

The Heavenly Idol is mixing just the right amount of fantasy and comedy and fans are impressed!

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