The 2023 full worm moon has arrived and we explore the spiritual meaning of the moon and its significance in March 2023.

Full moon sightings are of special interest to people who like to look up at the sky and explore their significance.

Many are hoping to catch a glimpse of the last full moon of the winter – we find out about the spiritual meaning of the Full Worm Moon.

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Full Worm Moon spiritual meaning

The worm moon’s name comes from earthworms that come out when the soil begins to warm up during spring. The worms attract birds as the bitter cold of winter comes to an end.

It is the final full moon of the 2023 winter equinox which marks the end of winter and gives the first glimpses of spring with longer and warmer days.

Similar to the end of one season and the beginning of a new one, the meaning behind the full worm moon refers to renewal, spiritual awakening and making necessary changes for a new start.

This period is good to get rid of things that no longer add value to your life, whether that means decluttering your wardrobe or trying to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

The worm moon is in Pisces season which also represents the end of a long course and start of something new in life.

When is the Full Worm Moon 2023?

The worm moon will be visible on Monday, March 6 and Tuesday, March 7. If you are based in the UK, the peak of the full moon is expected to happen at 12:40 am GMT on Tuesday.

Across the pond, you can look out for the moon at 7:40 am ET on Tuesday when the moon reaches its peak illumination.

The final moon of the winter follows January’s wolf moon and February’s snow moon.

Why is it called the Worm Moon?

As explained above, the name of the moon comes from the ‘worms’ that come out as the soil begins to warm up in spring.

“This invites robins and other birds to feed—a true sign of spring!” the Farmer’s Almanac explains.

“In the 1760s, Captain Jonathan Carver visited the Naudowessie (Dakota) and other Native American tribes and wrote that the name Worm Moon refers to a different sort of “worm”—beetle larvae—which begin to emerge from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts at this time.”

Other names for this full moon are sugar moon, eagle moon and goose moon.

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