WATCH: Chris Brown tosses fan’s phone away at his concert

Arpita Adhya

“King of R&B” Chris Brown shocked the internet with his recent phone-throwing incident that took place at one of his concerts.

Chris Brown is currently on his Europe Under The Influence tour where he is performing across a number of cities including Berlin, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris.

While fans are raving about his setlist and a special performance of Take You Down, here’s all about what happened in his Berlin concert that is currently making headlines.

Chris Brown Performs In Berlin
Photo by Frank Hoensch/Redferns

Chris Brown tosses away a phone from a fan’s hands at his concert

Chris Brown’s seemingly furious reaction to a fan on her phone while he was performing his hit song Take You Down is circling on the internet.

According to TikTok videos shared by fans, Chris chose a fan to come on the stage as he performs his hit song Take You Down which involves a seductive lap dance. But to everyone’s surprise, the fan was seen as more focused on her phone which led to Chris’s furious reaction and eventually tossing the phone into the crowd.

Thankfully, later attendees stated that the fan got her phone back in the end.

Fans react to Chris Brown’s fury

Fans have mixed reactions to Chris Brown’s furious reactions including some defending the singer’s action saying that she should have paid attention to the song and not her phone.

But others feel that it is not acceptable for Chris to have such an outburst, with one saying, “it is impossible to defend Chris brown he just keeps doing stuff.”

Another echoed: “Chris brown a week ago: “I’m just not angry anymore” Chris brown exactly 12 hours ago: grabs a fans phone out they hand and throws it in the stand, to then stop the music to presumably calm down!”

A third fan posted:

Chris Brown’s Under The Influence tour

Chris Brown’s Under The Influence tour includes 19 shows including four nights at London’s famous O2 Arena, two nights at Accor Arena in Paris, and more.

The singer will be next performing in Brussels, Belgium next on March 3.

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