Luke Combs’ Love You Anyway lyrics have captivated many of his fans and they want to learn the meaning behind the song.

The Grammy-nominated country star released the second single of his upcoming album Gettin’ Old. The new album drops on March 24, 2023.

Alongside the beautiful track he released this week, Luke Combs also unveiled the full tracklist of his new project, which consists of 18 songs.

While many wait for the new album, we explore the lyrics and meaning of Love You Anyway.

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Lyrics of Luke Combs’ Love You Anyway

The lyrics of Love You Anyway hint at a heartwarming tale of love and dedication to the one that you will ‘love anyway’ no matter what happens in this world.

“If your kiss turned me to stone, I’d be a statue standing tall in Ancient Rome. And if your touch shattered me like glass, I’d be in pieces trying to make the breaking last,” Comb sings in the opening verse.

He then hints at heartbreak and continues: “There’s just some things that leave a man no choice – like a compass needle needing its true north. Even if I knew the day we met you’d be the reason this heart breaks, oh, I’d love you anyway.”

Meaning behind Luke Combs’ Love You Anyway

The musician said the inspiration behind the song came during a performance on Valentine’s Day 2020 when he dedicated Beautiful Crazy to his wife Nicole.

“‘If you’re in here (the arena), I love you,” he said during the performance. “If not, you know I do anyway’.”

But it turns out that his friend Dan got inspired by Luke’s last line and wrote down the title of Love You Anyway on his phone during the concert.

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In the post, Luke explained further: “We loved the idea as a title and decided to write about loving someone so much that even if you knew from the beginning they were going to break your heart, you’d love them anyway. It came off very poetic and we wanted to find the words that could really give meaning to what we were trying to say, but as we say in the song, we didn’t know if there were deep enough words made for that.

“But it all came together and essentially it’s a heartbreak and love song all in one. And long story short, me dedicating a song I wrote about Nicole ended up turning into another song about Nicole, and how three years later the song is finally out at the same time of year. It’s a special one to me and I hope y’all love it as much as I do.”

Fans praise single

After learning the inspiring story behind the track, many fans praised Luke for making the heartfelt song a reality and sharing it with the world.

“This is just a tremendous story!! From you I’m really not surprised. Keep crushing it! Thanks for sharing,” one wrote.

Another said: “Love the story. Thanks for sharing this to us. Amazing.”

“I keep thinking I couldn’t possibly adore a song of yours any more, then you come out with this,” a third fan added. “Thanks for sharing the story behind it. Can’t wait to see you next month in Dallas!”

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