Who is Annie Bonelli? Age and background of TikToker dubbed ‘Scar Girl’

Bruno Cooke

Student and TikTok content creator Annie Bonelli has in recent weeks been the subject of some debate, owing to the presence of a prominent scar on her right cheek, which does not appear to have faded with age.

Scar Girl is not her real name – her real name is Annie Bonelli.

People have dubbed her Scar Girl, however, because of the scar on her face. Know Your Meme’s entry on the moniker notes that, once she revealed it on her social media profile, TikTok users began “accusing her of faking the scar and drawing it on.”

Since it appears in her social media posts outside of TikTok, and in photos taken during her daily life – with friends, at school, at the beach, in a restaurant – the notion that she is constantly maintaining a fake scar seems very far-fetched. But, people will believe anything.

NCAA Photos Archive
25 AUG 2015: Campus Life photos taken at High Point University in High Point, NC. Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

How old is Anna ‘Annie’ Bonelli? Age and education of young TikTok content creator

Age 18, Anna, or Annie, Bonelli is in her first year at High Point University. She recently completed her final year at East Lyme High School. She’s from Niantic, Connecticut.

Her Instagram bio identifies her as a “digital creator”; she appears to be represented by an organization called LST Agency.

It also contains a link to a promotional video for High Point University. The url suggests that she, as an influencer, has an agreement with the university whereby she redirects her followers to it.

High Point is a private university in North Carolina, affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Anna Bonelli is among the Dean’s List of students who attained a 3.5 or higher GPA for the previous semester.

She is also into softball and sport photography

Her profile on the Next College Student Athlete website, now a year out of date (it lists Anna Bonelli’s age as 17) includes details of her 20 yard (60ft) sprint time (2.86 seconds); vertical jump record (21in); and 40 yard dash time (5.24 seconds).

Bonelli’s height is 5ft 5in (1.65m). Her primary sport, it seems, is softball.

She is also an amateur photographer and videographer, as her secondary Instagram account can attest.

Under the name AB Nelli, she posts pictures of her softball teammates and fellow students. Or, in her words, “hometown flicks of your favorite people.”

Why do people call her ‘Scar Girl,’ and why do some people think her scar is fake?

Social media users have given Annie Bonelli the nickname “Scar Girl” because, quite simply, of the scar on her cheek.

She first showed it on TikTok in 2021, according to Know Your Meme. It has remained on her face into 2023, in pictures she has posted to her Instagram account, in a video diary she made for her university, and consistently in her TikTok videos.

Anna 'Annie' Bonelli enjoying a sunny day on campus at High Point University
A Day in the Life of HPU Freshman Annie Bonelli | YouTube channel High Point University

Not only this, but she has demonstrated its realness by attempting to “remove” it in more than one TikTok video upload.

Nevertheless, there are still social media users who believe, or say they believe, that Annie Bonelli’s scar is not real – is, in fact, fake. Illusory. A work of fiction. Whether or not such individuals actually believe what they claim to believe is unclear.

Others have come out in support of Annie ‘Scar Girl’ Bonelli on Instagram and elsewhere

Among the comments Bonelli has received on her Instagram uploads asking where he scar “went,” or how it “disappeared,” are some more heartening words of support, and reason.

“Half of you are asking where the scar is,” writes one. “Have you heard of a camera? Maybe she likes to invert some of her pictures. But no, you’re all really this invested into this girl’s scar.”

But many of the pictures in which no scar is visible don’t even seem to be inversions. Some commenters claim to “see no scar” when only Bonelli’s left cheek is showing; it is on her right cheek. Others, meanwhile, point out that front-facing selfie cameras automatically invert the image, meaning it will occasionally look like it’s on the opposite cheek.

“OK girl,” writes one user, who claims to have spent an hour reading other people’s comments. “I just want you to know,” the user writes, “that you’re beautiful. I don’t know why people don’t believe you about your scar… That seems like quite a stupid thing to try and call someone out on. I don’t know how you got it, but no matter what, you are gorgeous!”