Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Hull has died at the age of 84, prompting the Chicago Blackhawks to send their “deepest sympathies to the Hull family,” which includes five children – sons Bobby Jr, Blake, Brett, Bart, and daughter Michelle – and at least three grandchildren: Jude, Crosby and Jayde Hull. 

The Blackhawks’ statement continues, via ESPN: “The Hull family has requested privacy during this difficult time. They appreciate the sympathies that have been sent their way.”

Bobby’s son Brett Hull, who entered the world of hockey like his father, said: “Those of us who were lucky enough to spend time with him will cherish those times forever. He will be greatly missed.”

Here’s what we know about Bobby’s grandchildren, via son Brett and Brett’s first wife Alison, namely Jude, Crosby and Jayde.

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Meet Bobby Hull’s grandchildren, and Brett’s children, Jude, Crosby and Jayde

Brett Hull’s three children were all born between the early 1990s and 2005, while he was still in a relationship with his first wife, Alison. 

They regularly pop up on their mother’s social media feeds; she and Brett married on May 23, 1997 and divorced in 2005, but have reportedly remained amicable

Jude took up the hockey mantle. He was 19 in 2013, meaning he’s now either 29 or soon to turn 29. Jayde has, in the past, been something of a horse enthusiast. She went to Colgate University. Her mother Alison, now Curran-Hull, posted a series of photos of her equine exploits in the summer of 2014. Crosby, meanwhile, posted a tribute to her late grandfather to her 15.5K Instagram followers on Monday. 

“Today we lost a true icon,” she wrote. “We love you forever grandpa. Here’s to endless red wine in heaven.”

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‘Being the son of a Hull offers no coattails that guarantee a free ride’

Like his father Brett, and his father Bobby before him, Jude is a hockey player. Or, at least, has been. Born in Stillwater, Minnesota, he stands at 5ft 10in (1.78m) and played in the position of goalie. 

He played for the St Olaf College team during the three seasons between 2015 and 2018. Age 29 or thereabouts, he now appears to have largely moved on from the sport. He never played professionally. As USA Hockey Magazine attested in 2013, “being the son of a Hull offers no coattails that guarantee a free ride.”

Nevertheless, after the 2012-13 season ended, the Icedogs coach Steve Harrison said Jude (and his teammate John) had demonstrated “rare character.”

“They never give up. They’ve never asked to be pulled when the score got ugly. They’re out there every night trying to rally the boys to get a win.”

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Jude Hull preferred ‘not know who his dad and granddad are’

His coach told USA Hockey Magazine in 2013 that, according to his understanding, when it came to ice hockey, Jude Hull would “rather people not know who his dad and granddad are.”

“It’s not that he’s not proud to be Brett’s son. But he wants to make his own mark, for himself, based upon what he does and who he is.”

Which may have fed into his decision to be a goalie. Being a goalie, the magazine quotes his father Brett Hull as saying, he’s got “nothing to live up to.”

“No comparisons to grandpa or to me. He’s just a guy in the net stopping pucks.” His mother, too, played hockey with her brother and the neighbourhood kids, the magazine adds. She was a goalie, like her son Jude.

Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Brett Hull now lives with his second wife, Darcie Schollmeyer, in Dallas

The magazine interview mentioned above reiterates that, while Jude Hull’s parents have divorced, they “remain on good terms.”

Brett lives in Dallas, Texas now, with his second wife Darcie, while Alison was living near the Twin Cities, at least at the time of the interview.

They have been together for 16 and a half years, having married in July 2006. Born 1971, Darcie is seven years Brett’s junior. Brett Hull’s three children Jude, Crosby and Jayde all appear to have moved out of their parental homes and either graduated from, or started attending, university.

Besides hockey, Brett is a keen golfer. He sometimes competes in the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic, and in 2009 Golf Digest ranked him as the sixth best athlete golfer in North America

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