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It’s sure to be a great year for film fans and 2023 is already off to a terrific start no matter what genre you favor. Netflix has recently invited audiences to check out some star-studded efforts from the comfort of their own home and, needless to say, there are some big names on the small screen when watching You People.

Directed by Kenya Barris, the comedy-drama premiered on the platform on Friday, January 27th 2023, and boasts such performers as Jonah Hill (Superbad), Eddie Murphy (Coming To America), and Lauren London (Without Remorse).

Jonah and Lauren play Ezra and Amira, a couple who decide it’s time for their respective families to meet. However, culture clashes threaten their relationship as Amira has an increasingly hard time with Ezra’s mother Shelley (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Ezra struggles to bond with Amira’s father Akbar (Eddie Murphy).

As the story develops, Akbar puts Ezra in a string of awkward situations including one made complicated due to Ezra’s choice of clothing. With that in mind, let’s explain the You People red hoodie barbershop scene.

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You People red hoodie barbershop scene explained

In one scene, Akbar is antagonizing Ezra and tries to make him uncomfortable by asking for the name of a certain JAY-Z and Kanye West song, and continues to weigh on Ezra by taking him to a barbershop.

Ezra is wearing a red hoodie and once inside it becomes clear that Ezra’s uncomfortable, with the people in the barbershop glancing at him in surprise.

Ezra quickly decides to take off his hoodie, embarrassed because Akbar has taken him to a barbershop that’s in a territory associated with a gang called the Crips and red is the color of the Bloods, a rival gang. The people in the barbershop are all wearing blue.

The Sun reports that the Crips formed in Los Angeles in 1969 by founders Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams and has expanded to become one of the largest gangs in the world, having up to 55,000 members.

The gang’s color is blue, whereas the Bloods – founded in 1972 – wear red and were mainly established to provide protection against gang members associated with the Crips.

Later on in the movie, Ezra calls Akbar out for bringing him there wearing red, among other things.

‘It was fun working with him’

Eddie was recently interviewed by Collider and opened up about his experience working with Jonah:

“[Jonah] was so much fun to work with because most actors can’t do that. Most actors, they do the stuff that’s on the script, and if you go off script, or you start playing around… I’ve been in scenes where actors just be looking at you. You’d go all over the place and they’re just kind of looking at you…”

He continued: “But Jonah, if you go off script, he’s right there with you, and sometimes he’ll go, or you got to come with him, and he’s funny and smart. It was fun working with him.”

You People Netflix movie cast

Jonah, Eddie, Lauren, and Julia are joined by a host of other great performers and you can check out more of the You People Netflix cast below:

  • Nia Long as Fatima Mohammed
  • David Duchovny as Arnold Cohen
  • Molly Gordon as Liza Cohen
  • Sam Jay as Mo
  • Travis Bennett as Omar Mohammed
  • Mike Epps as EJ Mohammed
  • Deon Cole as Demetrius
  • Rhea Perlman as Bubby Cohen
  • Andrew Schulz as Avi Cohen
  • Andrea Savage as Becca
  • La La Anthony as Shaela
  • Jordan Firstman as Danny
  • Bryan Greenberg as Issac
  • Matt Walsh as Don

You People is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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