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Amid reports that Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick is “plotting to return to music,” and that she will “fight back harder” during the the reunion MTV will likely hold for this season’s stars, many will recall that time fans thought she could be not only related to Kim Kardashian, but her actual twin.

Shortly after her divorce from ex-husband Chris Larangeira, Pivarnick got a nose job, according to The US Sun.

The photo she posted to her social media followers afterwards had them comparing her to Kim Kardashian, and not for the first time.

So, are they related, do they know each other, or are Angelina Pivarnick and Kim Kardashian just two people who happen to look strikingly similar occasionally?

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No, not in any direct, meaningful way. They are from opposite sides of the country, and have continued to live on opposite sides of the country.

Kardashian has Armenian, Dutch, Irish and Scottish ancestry – though she has citizenship of neither Armenia nor the UK, nor Ireland, and doesn’t speak Armenian; she hails from, and grew up in and around, Los Angeles, California.

Born October 21, 1980, she is currently 42 years old.

Pivarnick, meanwhile, was born (six years later on June 26, 1986) and raised in Staten Island, New York. She has two sisters, and went to Susan E Wagner High School.

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But Pivarnick is the ‘Kim Kardashian’ of Staten Island

On August 22, 2022, a couple of weeks after Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separated, Angelina Pivarnick tweeted that she wanted to meet him.

For her part, she had recently gone through a public divorce from husband Chris Larangeira. SI Live reported at the time that a fan had responded by saying, “amazing.”

Pivarnick replied: “Isn’t it? Lol, I mean I am the queen of Staten Island after all.” Which, SI Live noted, was a “punny reference” to Pete Davidson’s 2020 movie King Of Staten Island. Ha ha.

She was claiming to be the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island as far back as 2011, which was the year SI Live dubbed her “Angelina ‘Jolie’ Pivarnick,” so the moniker has been around for some time. And seems to be the result of her efforts as much as anyone else’s.

And then there were the photos

On May 14, 2022, The US Sun reported that Jersey Shore fans had been thinking Angelina Pivarnick looks “just like Kim Kardashian.”

Following her divorce from Larangeira, she reportedly got a nose job. And, posting on Instagram, she swept fans into a fever. See above.

“You look like Kim Kardashian in this picture,” one fan commented on a post from March 24. Another tagged Kardashian herself and wrote, “Your twin, honestly.”

The US Sun quotes another, commenting on a different photo, as saying: “You look just like Kim K. I thought this was a new picture Kim just posted. The weird thing is you never looked like her.”

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Angelina Pivarnick’s social media feeds are full of references to Kim Kardashian

The US Sun quotes numerous captions from Pivarnick herself, and comments from fans, as making reference to Kim Kardashian in some way.

She reportedly wrote in the caption to one post: “There’s only room for one Kim Kardashian on Staten Island.”

Elsewhere, fans have written that “Kanye’s next muse” would be Angelina, or suggested that she is modelling herself off Kim a little too closely.

And in her casting tape for Jersey Shore, she reportedly said that everybody tells her she looks like Kim Kardashian. “Because I have the swagger like her,” she said. “I look like her.”

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