The review embargo date for when final impressions of the Dead Space remake will come out has been revealed, and players can still pre-order and get DS2 for free on PC.

Dead Space is one of the most beloved survival horror games of all time. The remake looks absolutely incredible, and fans can preload the experience right now on consoles and PC so they can board the USG Ishimura the second the game launches.

Everything about the game looks incredible from its fully redesigned graphics and sound to the return of its even more grotesque necromorphs, and final verdicts for Motive Studio’s love letter to the original will be delivered soon.

Dead Space – Official Teaser Trailer

Dead Space – Official Teaser Trailer

When is the Dead Space remake review embargo date?

The review embargo date for when final impressions of the Dead Space remake will come out is January 26th.

This comes courtesy of the Metacritic Twitter account which has shared verdicts will be posted on Thursday. Unfortunately, no times have been provided, but this is a day before the game releases on January 27th.

Visceral Games’ original experience was an amazing survival horror game, and the same should apply to its forthcoming rebirth. Motive Studio’s retelling of Issac Clarke’s nightmare is a faithful adaptation, but there are some much-needed changes such as changing the cumbersome 3D map to a much simpler 2D grid.

In addition, the remake will also be slightly longer than its original counterpart thanks to extra missions and scenarios.

How to get DS2 free

You can get Dead Space 2 for free by pre-ordering the remake on Steam.

Of course, this is only the original DS2 experience and not a new adaptation. The forthcoming rebirth only costs £49.99/$59.99 on Steam, which is cheaper than both PlayStation and Xbox where the Standard edition is £69.99/$69.99.

You can also buy the Deluxe edition for £59.99/$69.99 on PC, £79.99/$79.99 on PlayStation and Xbox, to get the following Deluxe edition skins:

  • Infested
  • Lone Survivor
  • Venture

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