Bright Vachirawit’s new track My Ecstasy featuring Gerrard brings out his bad-boy charm and exudes charisma like never before. Paired with his smooth vocals, My Ecstacy takes seconds to hook listeners and makes it impossible not to loop the song over and over.

Actor, model, singer, performer and jack of all trades Bright Vachirawit’s new track also took over Twitter within seconds of its release. From the electric chemistry of Bright and Maylada Susri to Bright’s irresistible vocals, here’s everything fans love about the track.

My Ecstasy Music Video/ Riser Music YouTube

Bright Vachirawit’s track My Ecstasy brings out Bad Boy Bright in its most charismatic avatar

Thai actor Bright Vachirawit has the reputation for an enticing aura, especially in his bad boy roles (from 2gether’s Sarawat to F4 Thailand’s Thyme) and his new track My Ecstasy ft D Gerrard brings out that villain hero charm at its best.

The music video for My Ecstasy starring Bright, Maylada and Gerrard is all about unveiling the story of an obsession in which Bright will go to any length to be with his lady love and cross the blurred boundaries of rights and wrongs. Ultimately, his ‘ecstasy’ wins over anything else as he walks away holding hands with his lady love thanks to a little help from his friend Gerrard.

‘This MV is art’ – fans react to Bright’s new track

Bright fans are ecstatic after finally getting to watch the Thai heartthrob’s new MV – and it’s everything and above their expectations.

Gushing on the alluring music video, one fan shared: “Reminding everyone he is the director of creativity here! Yeah, he is that talented!”

Another fan simply tweeted:

A third fan wondered:

Chemistry charting off the roof here:

A look at some of Bright’s most popular tracks

From 2gether to F4 Thailand, Bright Vachirawit has given fans a plethora of tracks to swoon over. Just the right amount of mellow and heart-piercing vocals make up the recipe for Bright’s songs. Here are some of our all-time favorite tracks:

  • Lost And Found
  • You Make Me Smile
  • With A Smile
  • Shooting Star
  • Who Am I
  • Still Together

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In other news, Bright Vachirawit track My Ecstasy ft Gerrard brings out his bad boy charm