Kim Taehyung appeared live on Weverse for the first time in 2023 and the ultimate K-pop crush left fans swooning in the span of just ten minutes! The Winter Bear crooner slipped in some life updates, telling fans he’ll spend the last day of the lunar holiday munching on “expensive” strawberries, spending time with friends and family, and playing games with another BTS member.

V, aka Taehyung, instantly started trending on Twitter as more and more fans tuned into his Weverse live and gushed about how his simple presence can brighten any fan’s day. Taehyung promised fans before leaving he would return to Weverse live whenever he gets a chance!

Kim Taehyung/ Bangtan TV YouTube

Kim Taehyung live on Weverse for first time in 2023

Kim Taehyung surprised fans by appearing live on Weverse for the first time in 2023 and teasing life updates. The Snowflower crooner said he had been spending time with family over Seollal, aka Korean New Year.

The singer also revealed he has talked to BTS Jin, who is currently serving in the military.

TaeKook playing video games

Even before Taetae informed fans Jungkook is playing video games with him, fans had already heard the BTS’ youngest member singing in the background.

After months of not hearing from Jungkook, fans were delighted to get a new JK update from Tae.

BTS V updates Instagram story

After telling fans he was off to finish his “expensive strawberries” Kim Taehyung went to Instagram to share luscious fruit pictures with his 54.8 million followers.

K-pop nation’s favorite pet Yeontan also made a short appearance on his IG stories, stealing fans’ hearts.

Meanwhile, Taehyung fans are looking forward to 2023 as they speculate this year could see Tae’s much-awaited solo album debut as per BTS’ 2.0 timeline.

While Tae has yet to fans put out of their misery and announce something formally, here is the list of his record-breaking solo songs available for streaming on Spotify.

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