Tommy Robinson and Derek Diablo interview ends in brawl on sofa

Darcy Rafter

Tommy Robinson and Derek Diablo went head to head on mental health podcast The Central Club but the debate ended in a ferocious fight.

Derek Diablo Alvarez has attempted to inject football hooliganism into the US after becoming obsessed by British football culture. He caused controversy online by calling out notorious football firms attached to clubs such as Chelsea, Millwall and Lincoln claiming he’s part of his own firm, The Miami Casuals.

However, Derek’s constant promotion of neo-hooliganism was challenged while speaking to far-right activist Tommy Robinson.

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Tommy Robinson and Derek Diablo interview

Derek and Tommy had never met before and from the outset they appeared to get off on the wrong foot. Derek swerved Tommy’s handshake leaving Robinson to wonder whether Derek was a “joke” or a “character.”

Tommy begins the podcast by showing a clip of Derek and asking whether his personality is all an “act.” He then asks him to call Riaz Khan, who ‘Del-Boy’ Diablo claims to be friends with. Robinson, who has had beef with Khan in the past, explained they had settled their problems over a phone call.

Derek is the first to fish around in a glass jar full of topics for the duo to debate. He pulls out “Antifa,” a left-wing anti-fascist movement. This topic leads Derek to claim communism “never happened” before giving a full run-down of his opinions on the difference between communism and fascism. As Tommy tries to interject, Derek accuses him of having “ADD” (attention deficit disorder) and asks him to take a “chill pill.”

The English Defence League co-founder and Diablo then talk about the Me Too movement briefly before pulling another word out of the jar. However, the discussion is disrupted after Derek calls out Robinson for not being the real “Tommy Robinson.”

Tommy Robinson and Derek Diablo debate ends up in a fight

Robinson then attempts to call hard-man Sean McGovern, who he claims banters about Diablo on their group chat with other “football hooligans.” This pushes Diablo to quip: “I ain’t going to say what he says about you.” He then alleges him and Sean are also friends and he had even “wished him good luck” for the podcast appearance.

Diablo then proceeds to play a voice note he alleges is from McGovern in which he appears to talk about Tommy and knowing what makes him “tick.” The duo then go head to head on who’s “closer” with Sean. Diablo also questions why Tommy and Sean have “disappearing messages,” alleging the friends don’t trust each other.

Tommy gets visibly irate by this claim and declares Derek should “do something” seeing as he had previously called him out for a fight. At this point podcast host Cullan Mais steps in to try to calm the situation before Diablo launches at Tommy and a brawl ensues.

Diablo ends up on a sofa as Tommy attempts to grab him by the collar. At this point security step in to pull them off each other. Derek then bounces up, rips off his shirt and challenges Tommy to a boxing match.

This ends the debate and Tommy steps outside to take a breather and discuss the brawl with Cullan.

Robinson later made light of the whole thing:

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