Forspoken comes out very soon, and the game’s director has discussed the length of its story and how long it should take players to beat.

Forspoken is arguably one of the most interesting games set to come out this year as it’s an original new IP published by Square Enix. Unfortunately, there are a lack of reviews prior to release and some fans have accused Square Enix of attempting to manipulate the Metacritic score by withholding codes.

While the slight amount of final impressions may worry some, the game’s director has assured fans that the experience is a long one.

Forspoken | Launch Trailer

Forspoken | Launch Trailer

How long does it take to beat Forspoken?

It should take between 30-40 hours of game length to beat the main story of Forspoken.

This comes courtesy of game director Takeshi Terada when providing details to 3DJuegos. This doesn’t include all of the side missions and optional quests in the game, and your length will differ depending on your playstyle.

The game’s story follows main character Frey Holland who is a young New Yorker transported to a magical fantasy world. Although she looks interesting and has a wide variety of powers, some fear that she won’t be a likeable protagonist because she’s portrayed as yet another awkward outcast.

In addition, some people online have criticised leaked dialogue from early copies. Leaked material also includes the final boss fight.

Endgame content

In addition to explaining how long it will take players to beat the story of Forspoken, director Takeshi Terada has also revealed that there is endgame content.

While speaking to 3DJuegos, Terada claimed there is a ‘satisfactory’ endgame which allows players to complete unfinished side quests, dungeons, and more. The director also said there are hundreds of types of spells in the game.

Frospoken comes out on both PS5 and PC. Alas, the earliest it can arrive on Xbox Series X/S is January 2025 as its PS5 console exclusivity is two years.

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