All eyes were on Doja Cat at the Schiaparelli show during Paris Fashion Week after the singer rocked up adorned in red crystals from head to toe.

Sunday (January 23, 2023) marked Chinese New Year and Doja Cat has definitely carried the theme to the Schiaparelli couture show at Paris Fashion Week with her unforgettably red ensemble on Monday.

Doja was practically an art sculpture in the front row as she wore a structured red strapless corset with an intricately beaded skirt. Her color coordination was on-point down to her skin as she was covered in head-to-toe body paint with matching Swarovski crystals. Yes, all 30,000 of them -talk about jaw-dropping!

Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

Doja Cat spent five hours in the makeup chair for her Schiaparelli inferno look

It may be cold in Paris but Doja Cat was a walking flame at the Schiaparelli show. The fashion house is known for its avant-garde structural silhouettes, but the Woman singer totally blew the internet away with her fiery crimson costume.

Doja was sparkling under the catwalk spotlights and it was not because of her highlighter, but the astounding Swarovski crystals glued to every exposed inch of her skin – down to her fingertips.

Created by none other than makeup mastermind Pat McGrath, along with Schiaparelli’s creative designer Daniel Roseberry, the Inferno look took four hours and 58 minutes to create.

“The final product was a magical masterpiece and a tribute to Doja Cat’s hard work and dedication,” Pat revealed.

The only thing we’re wondering now is how much the total look cost and how on earth she removed it. Hopefully, she didn’t need to rush to the next show.

Doja is giving glamorous human muscle anatomy diagram:

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Doja’s bold makeup has fans scratching their heads

Twitter is divided by Doja’s adventurous look, with some completely mesmerized by the intricacy and dedication to her look.

A time-lapse shows the singer applying a bald cap before adding the red body paint.

“She is becoming a fashion icon for real,” an admirer praised.

A second added: “Commanded the entire room!”

Not everyone is a fan of the bizarre ensemble, however. Perhaps a little too experimental?

“I love my mother, but this is triggering my trypophobia real bad,” a fan cried.

Another similarly added: “I started scratching as soon as I saw her.”

One even dubbed her a “red Mystique from X-Men,” and we totally see it.

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