National Treasure without Nicolas Cage? What initially sounded like a hard sell was proven to be a promising series when National Treasure: Edge of History began premiering on Disney+ on Wednesday, December 14th 2022. It may not have Benjamin “Ben” Franklin Gates to continue the franchise but it brings the Indiana Jones-esque thrills nonetheless.

Following in the footsteps of the 2004 original and its 2007 sequel Book Of Secrets, Cormac and Marianne Wibberley’s show stars Lisette Olivera as our new protagonist.

She’s a young woman living in Baton Rouge who discovers that her deceased father was actually a treasure protector. Following his passing, she learns the secrets of the secret organization he was part of.

In one scene she’s interviewed by officials and she tells them “I have DACA” but they tell her that she’s “not in any kind of trouble.” But what exactly is DACA in National Treasure: Edge Of History?

National Treasure: Edge Of History © Disney | Brian Roedel

What is DACA in National Treasure: Edge Of History?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — DACA is an acronym — is a real-life policy that aims to protect young people who unlawfully came into the United States when they were children.

Although DACA doesn’t mean the recipient is given official legal status in the US, it ensures that they are able to obtain a work permit and apply for important things such as a social security number or a driver’s license.

Boundless reports that the program was established by former President Back Obama when he was in office in 2012, but President Trump made attempts to end the policy when he later came into office.

On the other hand, it was ruled by a federal judge in 2020 that those applying for DACA status for the first time were permitted to do so, bringing an end to Trump’s administration not accepting new applications.

The long-term future of DACA in the present day is uncertain but, as you can see, it’s still being discussed and referenced even in media efforts like National Treasure, which raises awareness.

‘She operates a lot from the heart’

Lisette was recently interviewed by Syfy and opened up about her Edge Of History character, Jess:

“She operates a lot from the heart. In a way, I was trying to figure out how it’s not just analytical for her. There’s so much emotion behind what she thinks about, and that was really cool… She has so many other qualities than what [categories] people put her in.”

She continued: “She’s not just this box of an idea of a woman that wasn’t born here and is not a citizen of this country. She’s a person who has always had a really strong presence. She is very determined and ambitious.”

How many episodes in National Treasure: Edge Of History?

Season 1 will be made up of 10 episodes and concludes with the installment titled Treasure Protectors on Wednesday, February 8th 2023.

It’s yet to be announced whether it’s renewed for season 2.

National Treasure: Edge Of History is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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