Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 is now available to play, and there is a brand new map for fans to enjoy although Lotus is not yet available in the competitive or unrated queue.

There is lots for fans to enjoy with the brand new season of Valorant. There are lots of battle pass rewards to unlock, and you can check out the stunning cinematic trailer for Revelation over on the game’s YouTube channel.

While there are a slew of battle pass prizes to earn, one of the best aspects of the update is a gorgeous and unique playground dubbed the City of Flowers.

VALORANT | Araxys Skinline Trailer –

VALORANT | Araxys Skinline Trailer –

Is Lotus in competitive or unrated for Valorant?

The brand new map Lotus is not in the competitive or unrated Valorant queue as of January 11th.

As stated by the update 6.0 patch notes, it is only available in Swiftplay following Episode 6 Act 1’s release. Riot Games says it will enter the comp and unrated map rotation in patch 6.1.

It’s specifically said that it ‘will only be playable in Swiftplay mode for one week,’ meaning it should enter the competitive and unrated scene as of January 18th. This date is also provided by ValorantUpdated on Twitter.

How to play new map

You can play the new Valorant Lotus map in its own queue and Swiftplay before it gets added to competitive and unrated on January 18th.

An overview of the City of Flowers is available to see on the game’s YouTube channel, and it is a unique playground set in Omega Earth’s India, specifically the Western Ghats, inspired by Indian stepwells and rock-cut Dravidian Architecture.

High flexibility and movement is a key part of its design, along with mystical and fantastical themes. In addition to these components, it is also similar to the Episode 5 Haven map by consisting of three sites.

Lastly, it also boasts new mechanics such as rotating doors, silent drops, and destructible doors and walls.

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