Tue 10 January 2023 13:14, UK

The Popeyes meme kid is now a Division II college football player seeking an NIL deal. Here we take a look at Dieunerst Collin’s age and football profile.

10 years ago the the Popeyes meme kid caused an internet storm. The 2013 video, which went viral on Vine, showed nine-year-old Dieunerst Collin’s reaction to being mistaken for viral star Lil Terio.

Collin’s reaction to being misidentified became an instant meme. The video showed the youngster stood in line outside a Popeye’s while giving serious side-eye to the person filming. The original video racked up millions of views and has gone down in internet folklore.

He is now a DII college football player

Fast-forward to 2023 and Dieunerst Collin is all grown up. In fact, he’s a Division II college football player who plays plays for Lake Eerie College in Painseville, Ohio. 

He was quite the player in high school too. Collin was a First Team All-Conference, All-County, and All-Division selection and also participated on East Orange High School’s track and field team. Before he enrolled at Lake Eerie he won a New Jersey state championship in 2021.

Dieunerst Collin’s age revealed

The 330 lbs and 6′1 athlete, is a freshman offensive lineman, per Lake Eerie College Storm Athletics.

But what is Dieunerst’s Collin’s age now he’s all grown up. Collin was born on February 9, 2004, and is 18 years old. He turns 19 next month.

According to Lake Eerie College’s website, Deiunerst is majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Comedian Studies and is pursuing a career as a sports analyst.

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Fans call for him to get a Popeyes NIL deal

Now he’s in college fans are calling for Dieunerst to get a Popeyes NIL deal. A viral tweet read: ‘The @Popeyes meme kid @CollinDieunerst is now a freshman offensive lineman at Division II Lake Erie College and if this guy doesn’t have an NIL deal by tomorrow, the Louisiana kitchen needs to clean house on upper management.’

Fans weighed in on the comments and agreed that it was time Popeyes paid back this internet legend.

Collin caught wind of the tweet and attempted to gain some traction on Instagram. He shared an Instagram post with his famous meme and a shot of him holding his high school state championship with the caption: “I NEED EVERYONE TO REPOST THIS AND TAG @popeyes I JUST WANNA TALK BUISNESS [sic].’

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Thousands of people have subsequently tagged Popeyes and are awaiting a response.

It’s time to do the right thing, guys.