Meet Kyrie Irving’s wife Marlene Golden Wilkerson

Joshua Rogers

Let’s meet Kyrie Irving’s wife Marlene Golden Wilkerson, as well as his kids and family, after news emerged the Nets star welcomed a new baby recently.

Both the Nets and Kyrie Irving endured a difficult season last year, both on and off the court. Things looked to have reached a head this offseason when Kyrie looked to be on his way out of the franchise, although he ultimately stayed.

Now, the Nets have turned things around and are 2nd in the Eastern Conference after a recent 12-game win streak.

Away from the court, Irving is also enjoying much personal happiness. He recently welcomed a new baby to the world and fans want to know more about Kyrie Irving’s wife Marlene Golden Wilkerson.

Kyrie welcomes new baby

The 30-year-old guard welcomed a new baby recently, with former head coach Steve Nash announcing the news to reporters.

According to Nets beat writer Alex Schiffer, everyone was doing well but it was unclear if Kyrie would play in the team’s next preseason game.

Meet Kyrie Irving’s wife Marlene Golden Wilkerson

The NBA champion likes to remain private about his relationships. However, we do know that Kyrie Irving’s wife is Marlene Golden Wilkerson. He became engaged to Marlene in September 2019 after meeting in December of the previous year.

Wilkerson was born on 18 August 1993 and is from California. She is a successful blogger and influencer. Her YouTube channel The Find Guru has over 783k subscribers.

She is well known for making fashion, lifestyle and beauty videos.

Last year, the couple had a baby boy, with Wilkerson posting a video that featured clips from her pregnancy journey and home birth.

In August 2022, Irving posted a touching tribute to Wilkerson on Instagram.

“Happy Journey around the UNIVERSE Mama Bear,” the seven-time NBA All-Star began. “I love you and I am eternally grateful we get to spend our lives together. You have taught me so much about Balance, Love, Trust, Community and Forgiveness. To ore memories and laughter with you.

Meet Kyrie Irving’s family

Kyrie Irving also has one daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving, from a previous relationship. She was born in Dallas, Texas on 23 November 2015 and is six years old.

Her mom is Andrea Wilson, who was a former beauty pageant queen. Azurie lives with Wilson in Dallas while Irving lives in West Orange, New Jersey where he plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

Irving also recently shared this moving post on his Instagram about his mother Elizabeth Irving, also known as Elizabeth Ann Larson. He wrote how he knew that she was looking down on him from heaven and thanked her for everything she did for him growing up.

Elizabeth Irving died of sepsis when the NBA star was only four years old.