For months, TV viewers have been wondering who is the guy in the new Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett.

Early in 2022, singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett swapped his guitar strings for learning lines, as he made his acting debut. Starting out small, Rhett appeared in the latest Fritos commercial where he was joined by another actor to play his on-screen pal.

But the main mystery about the sweet 30 second ad is who the other actor is. Some viewers will undoubtedly have come across the Grammy Award-nominated musician Thomas Rhett, but where have you seen the other actor before?

Let’s take a look at the cast of Fritos latest commercial.

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Thomas Rhett makes his debut in new Fritos commercial

In March 2022, Thomas Rhett made his acting debut in the latest Fritos commercial, titled Down For Everything.

“This is my first time acting,” Rhett explained in a behind-the-scenes video. “But then again, I’m also playing myself. So, if I can act as myself I feel like no better person can do that but me.”

When asked about his favorite flavor of the corn chips, Rhett heaps praise on the honey BBQ twists. “I just had about 12 of them. I don’t think I was supposed to eat those, but I did,” Rhett admits on set.

Who is in the Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett?

Thomas Rhett is joined in the new Fritos commercial by Ali Alsaleh. The Iraqi-born American actor and writer has been based in the States since the early 2000s, having fled Iraq as political refugees, Alsaleh’s IMDb biography explains.

Alsaleh and his family have been based in Nashville, Tennessee in the years since.

Alsaleh currently works as an architect as well as an actor. He graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design before pursuing his acting career.

Ali Alsaleh joined the cast of Ms Marvel last year

Ali Alsaleh has 12 acting credits to his name as of publication date. While he has starred in shorts and one-off episodes since 2018, Alsaleh’s big break arrived last year, when he joined the cast of Ms Marvel.

Alsaleh appeared in two episodes of the Marvel series, airing on Disney+. He featured in the role of Aadam in the third and forth episodes of Ms Marvel. Aadam was a member of the Clandestines, charged with a job to steal a bangle from Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), Ms Marvel herself.

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Who else is in the Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett?

Ali Alsaleh and Thomas Rhett are also joined by another in the new Fritos commercial, actress Priya Pappu. Pappu joins the other two actors for the campfire scene, although she does not have a line in the advert.

Both Alsaleh and Pappu are on the same agency, McCray Agency.

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