Sun 1 January 2023 19:34, UK

Seasoning king, Salt Bae – whose real name is Nusret Gökçe – has ended 2022 by appearing in headlines once again after his first found fame in 2017. However, fans of Salt Bae have been left shocked at the end of the year after hearing his voice for the ‘first time’ in a new video.

After shooting to fame five years ago when he uploaded a video of him carving steak online, Salt Bae quickly became a meme with his seasoning techniques.

He jumped on the new fan base and opened up a series of Nusr-Et steakhouses across the globe.

But, he recently uploaded a video reflecting on his year of 2022.

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Followers hear him speak for the first time

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Because of his memes showing the star, in his black shades, holding up his hand and sprinkling salt in a particular way, many fans didn’t hear Salt Bae’s voice for years.

His latest video reminded his Instagram followers that he does in fact have a voice, even if Salt Bae himself doesn’t often speak online.

The caption of the clip was: “Thanks to you, we are who we are! Motivation organization operation 2023.”

He says in the video: “Hi, everyone! I am so proud of myself because we did it. 2022: our best, best year.

“I hope again, more and more. 2023: our best year.

“I wish all the best. Happy New Year. I love you all. I am extremely happy because of you.

“Welcome 2023. We are ready, waiting for you.”

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Salt Bae fans didn’t ‘think he had a voice’

But his followers were left quite shocked to hear him. One fan wrote: “WHO See him First Time Talking?,” followed with a laughing emoji. Their comment racked up more than 4,000 likes alone.

A second replied: “That’s the most he ever spoke in all that salt he’s spilling.”

Whereas, a third simply penned: “Holy s*** he can talk.” Then another added: “I was like, this guy really can talk 😂😂😂.”

While other followers confirmed they heard him speak before. However, it was just to utter one word – cappuccino.

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Chef slammed for lifting the World Cup trophy

However, many fans believed the video may have been in response to Salt Bae at the World Cup – but they were wrong. The chef did not say anything about the incident on the pitch.

The online star came under fire after he was accused of hijacking the celebrations at the World Cup when Argentina were crowned the winners.

He touched the trophy, worth $20 million, made from 18-carat gold, believed to be breaking FIFA etiquette. FIFA is conducting an internal investigation to find out how he made it onto the pitch.

He has now been banned from attending The US Open Cup, writes The Sun.

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