Instagram comments not showing as it’s ‘gone’ for some users in 2022

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Instagram rolled out a couple of new features with its 2022 update after which users have complained that the comments are “gone” as the app is not showing them under the posts.

The photo-sharing platform has got its users feeling nostalgic with the newly launched Notes, which allows you to communicate with your close friends using text and characters only.

Instagram is also testing more features, thus making its service more exclusive to its users by letting them choose a small set of audience for their activities.

But, the comments, which is something that has always existed as Instagram’s OG feature, appears to have suddenly gone missing on the app. Here’s what users have to say…

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Instagram comments not showing in 2022

As of Wednesday, December 14, many Instagram users have expressed issues with comments on their posts not showing.

It appears to be a glitch and not an intentional move to keep the users from seeing the comments. Similar issues with the comments section have occurred in the past.

At the time of writing, Instagram hasn’t addressed what’s wrong with the comments.

For any update on the glitch, follow Instagram Comms on Twitter, where the platform keeps its users updated about its features and issues pertaining to them.

Users say the feature is suddenly ‘gone’

Users are only able to see Instagram posts, but not the comments shared on them. While seeing pictures on Instagram serves the purpose, comments are as important in keeping us engaged without which the app could seem boring.

One tweeted: “What the hell has happened to my @instagram? It’s no longer any of my friends, but just celebrities and ads. There are no comments on anything.”

“I can’t see my Instagram comments and that’s the only reason I get on there,” quipped another.

A third user said: “I’m not seeing any comments under posts in my @instagram feed”

“Why are my comments gone on @instagram?!,” asked another frustrated user.

How to get the new update

Your app could possibly be glitching if you haven’t received the latest update.

You can download the latest version of Instagram from Android and iOS stores.

The features may be rolled out a little later for some users. So, keep a track of it for the next couple of days.

If the updates aren’t available at all, it could possibly mean you live in a region where it hasn’t been introduced yet.

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