WGN’s Larry Potash was seen with his arm sling during his usual morning news anchoring duties today, which has since prompted curiosity online into what happened to him.

During Thursday’s morning news broadcast (December 8), Potash’s right arm appeared to be injured as he sported an arm sling throughout the show.

After spotting Potash’s sling, some worried viewers have since shared their concern over the anchor’s arm online, while others wondered what he had done to his arm.

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WGN’s Larry Potash wears arm sling during morning show 

Since arriving at the Chicago news station in 1995, Potash has become a familiar face to WGN audiences as he helps lead its morning news show.

Having become a staple on-screen during his almost 30-year stint, viewers this week soon noticed something different about Potash as he appeared on screen during Thursday’s broadcast with a sling on his arm. 

Throughout the morning show, WGN were even seen to also highlight Potash’s arm as, in one moment, fellow anchor Robin Baumgarten noted how, as well as his sling, he was also without a tie.

At a later point, the show also looked back at past moments of Potash’s time at the station where he “came to work injured.”

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WGN viewers share concern for anchor’s arm on Twitter

Worry for the anchor’s arm has taken over social media as many WGN viewers took to Twitter after seeing the anchor with his arm sling. 

While many shared their concern over Potash’s arm, others wondered what he had done to it.

One user on Twitter wrote: “@LarryPotash, what happened to your arm?! Just tuning in now!!! @WGNMorningNews.”

Another echoed: “@LarryPotash @WGNRobin @WGNNews What’s the ‘Back Story’ to Larry’s injury?”

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What happened to Larry Potash’s arm?

The anchor has since opened up on the reason behind his sling as he discussed how it happened during the local Chicago station’s Courtesy Desk segment during Thursday’s broadcast.

The longtime WGN anchor explained that his right arm was in a sling following a basketball incident that resulted in the tearing of a muscle in his bicep.

Potash added that he injured his arm while he was “tying the ball up” as another player’s elbow ended up going into his bicep.

While reflecting on how long he is set to wear a sling on his arm, Potash hinted that he will be wearing the support garment for “a long time.”

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