BTS RM has dropped his first official solo album Indigo and each and every track of the Grammy-nominated group leader’s album is now added to ARMY’s playlist. From Lonely to All Day, Indigo’s B-sides are masterpieces and here we are breaking down the lyrics of the tracks.

After 2018’s Mono, Kim Namjon fans have got the last archive of the singer’s twenties with nine glorious collaborations in Indigo and the initial response to the album is electric! From honest lyrics to world-class productions, there’s a reason why Indigo has already climbed up to the top spot of iTunes in over 20 countries and counting!

BTS RM for Indigo/ Picture credit BigHit Music

BTS RM’s Lonely English Lyrics

Even though BTS RM has featured over nine artists in his first solo album Indigo, fans love how each and every song present the rapper’s honesty at all points as well as showcase the vulnerability of opening up in an almost empowered manner.

In Lonely, Namjoon unveils in verse 1, “In a moment of eternity/ It’s neatly packed her/ I hate this hotel room/ I’m floating alone/ This loud horn/ As wide as the narrowed room/ I’m trapped in myself.”

The lingering feelings of abandonment and attachment stay as in pre-chorus RM confesses, “I tried a million times to let you go/ So many memories are on the floor/ And now I hate the cities I don’t belong/ Just wanna go back home.”

In verse 2, RM is more fierce as he raps, “Just the data on the phone and datin/ Rendezvous with the family every morning/ My Moulin Rouge turning red/ I shot a million stars to let you know/ So many trivial thoughts are on the floor/ And now I hate the buildings/ I don’t even know/ Just wanna go back home.”

Check out the entire lyrics here.

RM’s All Day ft Tablo is a bop and the lyrics have got Twitter buzzing

RM’s All Day lyrics hit differently and fans can’t get enough of Tablo’s rap that compliments the song perfectly.

In All Day, Namjoon spits fire rapping, “The commercials, these days are all the same/ For now, enjoy it as I like/ Nice dancers in nice clothes/ There are more bodies outside/ It just became a habit, I don’t care/ You know, those guys do care more/ In fact, the body is nothing, the mind is more of the problem” ending it with “If you’re looking for something buried/ Honey, you taste it like me.”

In the chorus, RM speaks for all singing, “I’m diggin’ all day…I’m findin’ real me.. I’m singin’ all-day.”

In verse 2, RM confidently delivers it home rapping, “We gotta fight when they say, “Behave! We got dynamite in our DNA/ Imma be okay, Imma be that way/ ‘ll take care of myself with my eyes wide open/ Haters, close your eyes/ If you don’t want to see my life/ It’s hard to watch a dream with your eyes open/ Ya, feel me?”

Check out the lyrics here.

Fans react to All Day and Lonely’s lyrics

RM’s Indigo has been a long time coming and it is getting its due diligence from fans. Songs like Lonely and All Day have been trending on Twitter as fans unpack the impact of the lyrics.

A fan gushed, “Wow All Day’s lyrics. The wordplay and the Dynamite & DNA reference! Also, the bridge was so good.”

Another fan observed, “but the way Joon gives hints to other songs in his lyrics??? “YUN” had hinted at still life and Wildflower, Still Life had a Fake Love reference and gave a throwback to ‘YUN’, ‘All Day’ mentions DNA and Dynamite…”

“Me furiously explaining how indigo is the best album ever and that you need to listen to it. that it changed lives. that RM is nothing short of a lyrical and musical genius and artist and that,” a third fan summarized the album.

Listen to the entire album here.

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