Spotify Wrapped returned on Wednesday (November 30) but one of the new features Audio Day is missing for lots of users.

The annual feature compiles statistics about your 2022 listening habits into a slideshow that can be shared on social media.

This year, Wrapped has been revamped with two exciting additions Listening Personality and Audio Day, which make the experience more personal.

Audio Day is an interactive story that gives you a peek into how your music taste evolves throughout the day, but lots of people don’t have it.

Read on to find out why…

Audio Day missing on Spotify Wrapped

Lots of Spotify users are complaining that Audio Day, which is supposed to show the moods of the music you listened to in the morning, midday, and evening, isn’t on their Wrapped.

Many clicked through their Wrapped 2022 slideshow and saw their minutes, top song, top artist and Listening Personality, but no Audio Day.

Many have taken to Twitter in frustration, with one person writing: “Hello @Spotify why don’t I have the ‘My Audio Day’ feature on my Wrapped???”

“Anyone else’s Spotify wrapped not give them a ‘My Audio Day’ or is it just mine?” said another.

A third person added: “I don’t have the My Audio Day thing on my Spotify Wrapped I’m so sad.”

Why your Audio Day is not showing

If you don’t have Audio Day, that’s because you didn’t meet the criteria for Spotify to calculate it for you.

As explained by Spotify on its 2022 Wrapped frequently asked questions page, you’re eligible for Audio Day if you have:

  • At least one descriptor in each part of the day 
  • A max of two overlapping descriptors
  • At least two unique descriptors across all day parts

That all sounds a bit confusing, but it essentially means you must have listened to enough music or podcasts at different times of day to qualify.

That’s because Audio Day is a reflection of how your music taste evolves throughout the day, split into three-day parts: Morning, afternoon and evening.

Memes flood Twitter as Audio Day is gone

On Twitter, angry Spotify users are reacting with memes.

This is how it feels:

People are really annoyed:

Marching into Spotify headquarters like:

The frustration is real:

So disappointing:

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