The much-anticipated time of the year has arrived but some users have complained that Spotify Wrapped 2022 is not showing up and working for them just yet.

The popular rollout of the annual feature reveals stats on your most streamed artists, songs, podcasts and albums that have defined the last year for you.

Based on your listening habits, the streaming site creates a personalised Spotify Wrapped playlist, revealing your top choices of this year.

However, as the rollout of the feature has began, many users have reported that they have issues accessing their stats.

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Spotify Wrapped 2022 not showing up for users

Hundreds of users have reported that Spotify Wrapped 2022 is not showing up for them after the annual feature got rolled out on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

The dedicated page of the feature ( clearly states: “2022 Wrapped is here. But it’s only available in the Spotify mobile app. Download it now to join in the fun.”

However, many users have complained that the feature is not available for them even though they already have the app on their devices.

One person is wondering if the feature is not showing up for others too:

Another user said that the link keeps redirecting them to download the Spotify app which they already have:

Someone else chimed in the similar reports circulating on Twitter and tweeted:

Another user said that updating the app hasn’t helped to see their top songs of 2022:

What we know about Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify is yet to address the issue many users are experiencing since a number of them haven’t been able to access their pesonalised playlists.

But the issue is likely to be down to the gradual rollout of the annual feature so you may need to refresh a few times before your get your individual results.

The Spotify Wrapped 2022 feature is exclusively available on the Spotify app to iOS and Android users.

“Spotify Wrapped is here,” Spotify wrote in a Twitter post on Wednesday. “Update your Spotify app to get yours. Who is on your Top 5?”

New features in Wrapped 2022

The rollout of Spotify Wrapped 2022 has come with a number of new features and we can’t wait to access our personal results. Some of the new features include:

  • Your listening personality
  • Expanded your artist messages
  • Audio day
  • Artist merch and concerts
  • More sharing options
  • Roblox partnership

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