Starbucks has issued a statement about an incident where an employee allegedly printed “monkey” instead of a customer’s name on the cup. It’s said to have happened on November 19 in Maryland.

The Annapolis woman, Monique Pugh, claimed she was the only person of color in the line when the alleged incident took place.

She further claimed the store’s general manager allegedly called her back to issue an apology along with a free drink and sandwich which she refused to accept.

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Starbucks issues statement on ‘monkey being printed as name’

Starbucks told Fox 5 that it is aware of the incident. Read the complete statement below:

“We want everyone in our stores – including both Starbucks-operated and those operated by our licensees – to treat each other with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate behavior that is disrespectful or makes a customer feel unwelcome.

“We are aware of the incident that took place at a store operated by our licensee Impeccable Brands in Annapolis, MD, and we are working closely with their leadership team as they quickly conduct the investigation with their employee(s) and take any necessary action as a result.

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Store claims label on the drink was ‘made in error’

The incident reportedly took place at the location owned by Impeccable Brands, and the respective store’s ownership claimed in another statement the “label was made in error”.

The statement reads: “We are aware of the regrettable incident that took place at our store in Annapolis, Maryland. We have suspended the employee involved in this incident pending further investigation, and have communicated our deepest apologies to the customer for this negative interaction.

“We believe, following our initial investigation, that the label was made in error. However, this is not the warm and welcoming experience we want to create for our customers and we are actively working to ensure this does not happen again.”

You can read the complete statement HERE.

Customer receives an apology

7News has received a copy of the mail that was allegedly sent by Impeccable Brands spokesperson to the customer.

The brand has apologized to Monique and promised to provide additional training to the employees to avoid such an experience altogether.

It said: “I have worked with Starbucks to make sure that the word printed on your drink label cannot ever be printed on any label in my store moving forward. With these steps in place, I feel confident that we will do better and offer the warm and welcoming experience that you and all other customers expect from any of our locations in the future.”

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