A hilarious tweet about ‘Christmas Fanta’ is baffling people across the pond who don’t understand what the beverage is.

Has the soda brand introduced a new Christmas flavor exclusive to Britain like mince pie, cranberry sauce or gingerbread? Thankfully not.

The post is something everyone in the UK can relate to as families start stockpiling food and drinks for the festive season.

Read on to find out what Christmas Fanta really is…

Falling For Christmas | Lindsay Lohan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Falling For Christmas | Lindsay Lohan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Funny ‘Christmas Fanta’ tweet goes viral

The tweet was shared by someone called Lauren on November 23 and it’s already had almost 150,000 likes on the platform.

“Guys. It has happened,” she wrote. “The 23rd of November. I went to pour a glass of Fanta from a bottle that I found in the kitchen only to be met with the screams of my mother.”

“It’s the Christmas Fanta. Their time has come. They have started early this year. Best of luck out there,” the Twitter user continued.

What is Christmas Fanta?

It’s not a special flavour of Fanta that only comes out at Christmas, it’s normal Fanta that is supposed to be drunk at Christmas time.

In November, lots of people start buying things for the festive season, like drinks and snacks, and put them away in a cupboard to not be touched until the big day.

There is a running joke on the internet that parents get seriously angry when kids or husbands eat the items they were saving for Christmas.

However, it’s not actually a joke at all, because it’s a real thing that happens in almost every British family at this time of year.

In this girl’s case, it was a bottle of Fanta she opened that was supposed to be saved for Christmas. DON’T TOUCH THE CHRISTMAS FANTA!

Realistically, Fanta easily could have been bought again seeing as there is still a whole month until Christmas – which is what makes the whole thing so hilarious!

Hilarious tweet confuses Americans

People in the UK are in hysterics over the tweet which is really relatable for a lot of people as stocking up for Christmas seems to be the norm in Britain.

One person wrote: “I used to HATE when my family would do this. Like instead of putting away all the stuff they’d never buy and that was for ‘special occasions’ away, they’d put it in the cupboards/fridge almost to like trick you into doing exactly that.”

“My husband has now necked 2 bottles of the Christmas Bailey’s…… I’ve ordered 2 more and hidden them next to our iron. As neither have used it for years I think the Baileys is now safe,” said another.

However, there are also a lot of confused Americans in the comments who don’t understand why Brits feel the need to stockpile.

“Okay, I HAVE to ask. I’m in the U.S. and having Christmas Fanta, chocolates, etc. is not a thing here. We don’t stock up and save special items (at least not where I’m from). Is this stocking and saving up for a specific reason? Do stores close for weeks? Do items run out?” one tweeted.

Another wrote: “I’m so confused by this lol ?? Like, the Fanta she was going to drink on Christmas? just buy another?”

“I’m sorry, but I have to ask, what exactly is Christmas Fanta? Is there some special formulation of Fanta for the holiday season? I am not nearly enough of a soda aficionado to know these answers?” a third person hilariously added.

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