Speaking in a press conference, Jose Mourinho has suggested that Heung-Min Son is the best player in Asia.

This comes after the Roma boss was asked about Japan’s groundbreaking win against Germany at the World Cup on Wednesday afternoon.

Indeed, after Japan’s victory, Mourinho was asked about Asian football as a whole, and he hinted towards praise for Son.

Mourinho didn’t outright name Son, so this is a bit of an assumption, but he did say that he coached the best Asian player, and, well, there aren’t many other players he could be speaking about.

Mourinho praises Son

The former Tottenham boss suggested that Son is the best player in Asia.

“I think the mentality of the players and the team can also make a difference. In European football there is a big focus on the individual and egos.

“When I look to Japan as people and a country; I never coached Japanese players but I coached Asian players. In my case I was lucky because I coached the best Asian player.

“The mentality is really special. The team is the most important thing, they play for the team, not themselves.”

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The greatest ever

Mourinho suggests that Son is the best Asian player right now, but we’re going to go one further and claim that he may well be the best Asian player of all time.

There have been some fantastic players from that continent over the years from Park Ji-Sung to Keisuke Honda to Shinji Okazaki, but Son may be the best of the bunch.

He’s scored more Premier League goals than any other Asian footballer, and while he doesn’t have many trophies to his name, he’s genuinely been one of the best players in the world for the past five years or so.

Son is a superstar, and when all is said and done, he could be considered Asia’s greatest footballing export.

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