The disappearance of Teddy Hart’s former girlfriend Samantha Fiddler features in new Peacock documentary Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats.

The docuseries by Canadian filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch focuses on the life and career of professional wrestler Teddy Hart, whose real name is Edward Ellsworth Annis.

The documentary also features the story about Teddy’s ex Samantha Fiddler, who went missing months after moving to Florida.

Six years after her mysterious disappearance, little is known about Samantha’s whereabouts in 2022.

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Teddy Hart’s ex, Samantha Fiddler?

Samantha Fiddler is also a professional wrestler. She hails from Alberta, Canada, but has been missing for six years. Mother of three Samantha decided to move to Florida to boost her professional wrestling career but promised her family she would return to Canada.

Samantha continued to maintain a close contact with her sister April Fiddler while training professionally and working on her wrestling career.

Dangerous Breed claims, as reported by Yahoo Entertainment, that the 29-year-old was last seen in the early hours of November 19, 2016 when she was released from Polk County Jail in Bartow, Florida, following her arrest on trespassing charges.

The reports says Samantha spent time in seven different Florida counties during the eight months before she disappeared.

Teddy talks about Samantha in docuseries

In the docuseries, Teddy states he and Samantha had ended their relationship after she moved to Florida.

“By the time she moved to Florida, our relationship had ended and I had moved to Texas. I was not in regular communication with her, and I do not know what happened to her,” he said in the docuseries (via SportsKeeda).

“I hope for the sake of her family and her kids that she is somewhere out there and that she is ok,” he added.

The docuseries also features Samantha’s sister April, who said she became worried about her sister’s wellbeing after not receiving calls from her.

Speaking about their relationship, April said: “We were that close. She would’ve gotten a hold of me somehow. She wouldn’t have left her girls.”

Where to watch Dangerous Breed

Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats premiered on the Peacock app on Tuesday, November 22.

All three episodes of the docuseries were released in one go on Peacock and are available for those who have a subscription with the streaming service.

Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold are executive producers of the series for Blumhouse.

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