For some, it’s always a little hard to accept when an iconic character so thoroughly adored is played by another performer, the role and torch passed down to a new generation. Alas, it’s becoming increasingly common in today’s movie and TV landscape, with reboots and spin-offs rife. Now, the time to breathe new life into Wednesday Addams has arrived.

Although the character has been seen in numerous incarnations, many regard Christina Ricci’s portrayal in the nineties as the definitive take.

Nevertheless, Jenna Ortega takes on the challenge in Wednesday, a coming-of-age horror-comedy series on Netflix, which premiered on Wednesday, November 23rd 2022.

Created by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Tim Burton (who directs a handful of installments), the show finds its titular character attempting to discover who is behind a string of mysterious murders and assaults at her school, Nevermore.

A line-up of potential candidates is established, but let’s dive into spoilers and get the Wednesday ending explained, and note who the killer is.


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Wednesday ending explained: Who is the killer?

It’s eventually revealed that Tyler (played by Hunter Doohan) and Ms Thornhill (Christina Ricci) are co-conspiring and are both, in fact, responsible for orchestrating the string of killings that plague Nevermore and the neighboring town of Jericho.

Tyler is established as a potential love interest for Wednesday and we’re led to believe that they’ll end up a couple by the finale.

However, the big reveal arrives when the pair share a kiss in episode 7, and Wednesday experiences a vision that identifies him as the killer; he transforms into a monster known as a Hyde.

We learn that the plan was Thornill’s idea because she was seeking revenge against the town. So, she manipulated Tyler, turning him against pupils at the school by reciting the mistreatment his mother faced from others when she attended.

Confronting Tyler, Wednesday’s attacked by Tyler while he’s in Hyde form and her friend Enid (Emma Myers) is forced to morph into a werewolf to save her.

He’s ultimately left wounded and believed dead in the woods in the final act but the finale’s final moment reveals that he’s been picked up in an ambulance with paramedics tending to his care. A voice-over is interrupted when Tyler – in his usual form – swiftly changes into a Hyde and shoots the audience a frightening glance, alive before the credits begin to roll.

Wednesday season 2 anticipation begins

Neither Netflix nor the creators have announced whether Wednesday is renewed for season 2 on Netflix.

However, it’s arguably a little too early to expect concrete renewal news. It’s likely an announcement will be made in late December or early 2023.

The fact that the finale established the potential for more story is certainly an encouraging sign.

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

‘I love things that are disturbing’

Jenna has recently starred in such horror projects as Scream and X, so during a recent interview with The Face she was asked what attracts her to the darker projects:

“I think we find each other. There’s some invisible string that’s connected to serial killers, monsters, creatures and myself. No matter where I go. I feel like it’s something that’s always been attractive to me since I was younger, something I was always into. It’s what feels right to me and it tends to be the scripts I’m into.”

She continued: “I love things that are a bit off-putting, things when the closer you look, really aren’t that pretty. I love things that are disturbing. They’re interesting and there are so many routes and variations of storytelling that you can do with stuff like that…”

Wednesday is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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