Thanksgiving is a stressful holiday and the to-do list can quickly get out of control, with so much to do, many people might want to search their nearest Walmart for last-minute items. But shoppers should check beforehand which stores are open. So, is Walmart open on Thanksgiving Day in 2022?

As the holiday approaches big retailers have had to decide whether to stay open or close their doors on November 24. 

In previous years many stores welcomed customers, but since the pandemic a lot of retailers have chosen to close. Many big companies such as Walmart and Target have adapted this policy over the past few years. But many are eager to know if Walmart is open on Thanksgiving Day in 2022.

Is Walmart open on Thanksgiving 2022?

Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Walmart has announced for the third year in a row that it will not open on November 24 for Thanksgiving Day.

In a press release from last year, the company said: “Closing stores on Thanksgiving Day is an additional way the retailer is thanking associates for their dedication to serving customers.”

Walmart is still honouring this dedication to its associates this year by closing for the holiday. They have announced permanent closures on Thanksgiving moving forward. 

However, the store is well prepared for Black Friday and will be opening its doors early at 5am, so shoppers can beat the crowds and find the best discounts. Or alternatively, shop online from the comfort of their own homes. 

Other places to shop on Thanksgiving 

Although Walmart is closed, there are plenty of stores still open to get your last minute Thanksgiving items.

Walgreens, Whole Food Market and CVS amongst many others will stay open for the holiday.

However, some shops still open may be operating on reduced hours so make sure to check your local stores hours before shopping.

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