*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Andor episode 12*

When Cassian Andor was sent to the prison factory on Narkina 5, fans instantly began to ask what the mystery component was that the inmates were building.

Theories ranged from leg attachments for Imperial Probe Droids to the central hub of a TIE Fighter’s wing.

Now, a post-credits scene in Andor season 1’s finale has finally confirmed what the prisoners were constructing during their grueling shifts.

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

The mysterious component being built on Narkina 5

In episode 8, when Cassian was sent to the prison on Narkina 5, he and thousands of other inmates were tasked with building an endless amount of a six-spoked piece of machinery.

Parts that went into the construction were supplied via the tables and screwed on with adjustable hinges fitted.

The mystery component quickly sparked questions among fans, with many offering theories on what the prisoners were building, many of which have now been made redundant thanks to Andor’s post-credits scene.

Andor © Lucasfilm | Disney+

Andor post-credits scene reveals what prisoners were building  

If you stuck around until after the credits of Andor episode 12, you will have been greeted by a surprise post-credits scene which began with some mechanical arms welding a piece of machinery into place.

It quickly becomes clear that the component being installed is one of the many six-spoked mechanisms which the prisoners were building on Narkina 5.

Slowly, the camera pans out to reveal the scale of the machine being constructed as robotic spiders weld thousands of the components into place on a half-finished section of the Death Star’s laser dish.

As the camera zooms out yet further, we can see an almost-finished Death Star hovering above a planet with its laser dish still under construction, rather apt given how in Rogue One we finally see the weapons system being completed and installed.

Andor © Lucasfilm | Disney+

What it means for Cassian Andor

Like Kino Loy’s heartbreaking line in episode 10, the reveal in Andor’s post-credits scenes will send shockwaves through the Star Wars fanbase.

That’s because Cassian and his fellow inmates were helping to build parts for the Death Star, the weapon that would eventually take Andor’s life in the final moments of Rogue One after he and Jyn Erso had stolen the plans of the Empire’s giant superweapon.

There’s further irony added into the mix when you realize that Cassian not only built components for the Death Star but also stole its plans, meaning that while he was in-part responsible for its creation, he was also party to its spectacular destruction as well.

Andor © Lucasfilm | Disney+

Andor is available to stream now on Disney+ in full after the final episode of season 1 aired on November 23, 2022.

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