As Chainsaw Man ep 7 stirs another controversy online, many fans are curious about how old Himeno is and what the age difference is to Denji.

Chainsaw Man was always going to be a controversial anime, although we would have expected this from a horror series rated at 18+, with episode 7 featuring a rather uncomfortable scene between Himeno and Denji.

Unfortunately, following the premiere of Chainsaw Man episode 7 ‘The Taste of a Kiss’, the internet is erupting with uneasy reactions, opinions, and generalizations concerning both Himeno and Denji’s age difference.

Whilst Himeno’s specific age is never technically revealed in the original Chainsaw Man manga series, we do have a pretty good idea as to the age difference between Denji and the eyepatch-wearing Devil Hunter.

What happened between Himeno and Denji in Chainsaw Man ep 7?

Chainsaw Man episode 7 was called ‘The Taste of a Kiss’ and following Denji’s gruesome battle with the Eternity Devil, our rag-tag team of Devil Hunters enjoys a well-deserved meal at a local restaurant.

After far too many beers, Himeno eventually kisses Denji and the group, watching from around the table, are surprised to see so much ‘tongue’ at play…

Unfortunately, for both Denji and any viewers eating food during the episode, it turns out that this is the vomit that Himeno is spewing; straight down the gullet of poor Denji.

After being sick himself, Denji collapses and is taken home by Himeno. When he awakens, Himeno has undressed and sits next to him on the bed…The episode ends with Himeno asking Denji if he wants to do ‘it’.

How old is Himeno in Chainsaw Man?

Whilst Himeno’s age is never actually revealed in the manga series, which is still ongoing, the consensus within the Chainsaw Man community is that the eyepatch-wearing Devil Hunter is between 22-25 years old.

What we do know is that Denji is 16 years old and that Aki is three years his senior, as confirmed in Chainsaw Man episode 7 and the manga character profiles respectively.

As Aki himself was the apprentice of Himeno when he first joined the Public Safety Division; assuming this is at least three years, it puts Himeno’s age more likely around the 24-year mark.

In either scenario, Himeno is still an adult whilst Denji is still a minor at 16 years old; the age of adulthood in Japan is 18 and the age of consent is 13 – although this is set to be raised to 16 in new legislation.

This age difference between Denji and Himeno has understandably caused a stir online from fans, with many claiming that Himeno has ‘groomed’ Denji in Chainsaw Man episode 7.

“idk i started reading csm like over a year ago n the weirdest thing i’ve noticed abt the fandom is how many ppl stan makima n himeno as if they didn’t groom/were weird ashl towards minors.” – Fan response, via Twitter.

Interestingly, the only other characters whose ages are confirmed are Kobeni and Arai, who reveal their ages to be 20 and 22 at the dinner party.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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