Casting our minds back to 2020, there was a wide range of documentary movies and series that captured the attention and intrigue of the general public, from Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich to The Painter And The Thief. Released by HBO, The Vow was also quick to generate discussion and offer audiences compelling and addictive viewing.

Directed by Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, the true crime documentary series began premiering on the network back in August of that year and focused its lens on the cult NXIVM and its leader, Keith Raniere.

It was renewed for a second batch of episodes the same month that the first concluded and the documentary’s return invited viewers for an exclusive view into Raniere’s small circle, which includes Nancy Salzman. The legal journey is chronicled in a captivating fashion, but fans of the project will no doubt wonder how long that journey lasts.

With that in mind, how many episodes are in The Vow season 2?

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How many episodes in The Vow season 2?

The Vow season 2 is made up of just six episodes in total, which may surprise some audiences as the first offered nine.

Taking this into consideration, The Vow season 2 finale premiered on HBO and HBO Max at 9 pm on Monday, November 21st 2022. New installments have aired weekly and the season began on Monday, October 17th 2022.

Episode 6 lasts 85 minutes and includes details of Keith’s remaining supporters, text messages revealing abuse, impact statements, prison sentences, the trial, and more.

As of yet, HBO has not announced whether The Vow is renewed for season 3.

‘We were making a vérité film’

The documentary’s director previously opened up about the project during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and was asked when she knew there was material there for a second season:

“We were continuing to film through the release [of season one]. We were filming as I was being interviewed [by the press]; I was actually in an interview with Nancy [Salzman] when I was called up for a few interviews. We were making a vérité film, and so you’re following the story as it’s unfolding… So when you start, you don’t know whether Keith is going to be arrested or whether the whistleblowers are going to have to run away.”

She continued: “You don’t know what’s going to happen. So we just kept following the story as it was unfolding, and we knew we were going to have to break at a certain point, and we felt like the break happening after Keith’s arrest and before the trial was the right division point.

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Documentaries like The Vow

If you’ve already seen The Vow season 2 episode 6 and wish to dive into more documentaries like it, these titles are certainly worth a watch:

  • Children Of God
  • Deprogrammed
  • Going On Clear
  • Holy Hell
  • Seduced: Inside The NXIVM Cult
  • Wild Wild Country
  • Waco: The Rules of Engagement

The Vow season 2 is streaming on HBO Max.

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