Thai superstar Bright Vachirawit and popular actress Yaya Urassaya are set to star in new movie The Interest – and fans are going wild following the trailer drop.

GMMTV has sent fans into a frenzy after announcing a bunch of new projects for 2023. One of the upcoming releases includes The Interest, starring incredibly talented stars Bright and Yaya.

Let’s take a look at what the new movie is all about and how fans are reacting to the dark trailer. 

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Bright Vachirawit and Yaya Urassaya to star in The Interest

From BL drama 2gether The Series to F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers and Astrophile, Bright Vachirawit has continued to steal hearts after showcasing his versatile acting skills in a variety of compelling roles. 

Yaya Urassaya is another massive name in the world of Thai entertainment. The Thai-Norwegian actress has starred in fan-favorite shows Kluen Cheewit, The Crown Princess, Thai Cave Rescue, and more.

The two talent houses are joining hands for the upcoming movie, The Interest. In the intense trailer, Bright can be seen portraying the role of a collector amid the underworld games of creditor and debtor. 

“He is amid violence, bruised by injuries, feeling confused and empty… and about to fall in love,” the trailer teases. What’s going to happen when the hunter falls for his prey? We can’t wait to find out in Bright and Yaya’s forbidden love story. Gear up everyone, the debt collector is knocking!

Screenshot from The Interest movie trailer | GMMTV OFFICIAL | YouTube

Fans react to Bright’s ‘bad boy era’

After seeing the charming star in a new role that is crime-infused and poles apart from his previous characters, fans are losing their minds over Bright’s “bad boy era.

One fan writes: “Bright really killing it in new movie The Interest even though [it’s] just a trailer.”

Another simply describes: “No thoughts, head empty, just Bright in The Interest.”

Expressing the fandom’s collective emotion, a third fan penned: “Brightest and biggest names! Goosebumps… Bright and Yaya coming soon!”

Fans have also praised the brilliant cinematography in the trailer:

When will The Interest release?

The Interest movie will be released next year as it was showcased as part of the GMMTV 2023 projects unveil. More details are yet to be revealed but the trailer has teased the movie will be coming to theaters. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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