We all are proud of our Spotify and Apple Music playlists and now with the help of AI people are taking the ‘How bad is your Spotify’ test in the hope to get their music judged.

People tend to have different playlists for their moods, and some collections are ones they are really proud of, while there are others they would prefer no one finds out about.

However, there is nothing that you can hide from this AI and people are finding this out the hard way.

How to take the ‘How bad is your Spotify’ test

The ‘How bad is your Spotify’ is a test that has been created by a platform called Pudding.

It looks into your streaming music and makes use of an AI to understand your taste while going through your playlists on Spotify or Apple Music.

To take the test, just click on the link here.

The platform will ask you to login into your Apple Music or Spotify account so it can go through your playlists.

How does the AI know what’s good?

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The AI notes that it has consumed more than two million pieces of information from places such as Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and Subreddits, and this has helped it come up with an idea of what is considered ‘good music’.

While the AI does not detail how it segregates what it deems ‘bad’ and ‘good’ music, it looks like it is using that information as the basis for judging a user’s playlist.

There are several people who have already tried using it and shared their thoughts on the process. One user wrote: “Let’s break down my silly Spotify “how bad is your music taste” thingy because mine is inaccurate, but that’s okay I guess.”

Another added: “I just tried “How bad is your Spotify” on my account and I feel attacked.”

“Took the ‘How bad is My Spotify test’ and well… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry,” wrote another.

Other things to try

There are several other things you can try using your Spotify login. For instance, you can use Spotify Icebergify to identify your top artists.

To do so, log into the official site here and you will have your top artists list in no time. You could also try the Spotify Pie Chart by visiting Darren’s website.

The chart will reveal your listening habit for the current month.

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