It’s November 19th which means two things – it’s International Men’s Day and World Toilet Day! Yes, they really do fall on the same day and it’s totally hilarious.

Every year, one of the biggest events on social media is International Women’s Day, with women from across the world sharing photos and messages to support one another.

Whilst it’s not as widely celebrated, we can’t forget International Men’s Day too. To all you boyfriends, husbands, uncles, grandfathers and brothers – today’s for you!

The global holiday is about recognising and celebrating the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of men, and the positive value they bring to life.

Here are some funny memes from Twitter and Instagram to celebrate International Men’s Day 2022…

Avatar: The Way Of Water | Official Trailer

Avatar: The Way Of Water | Official Trailer

19 funny International Men’s Day memes

International Men’s Day compared to International Women’s Day. Sorry men:

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The Google logo on International Women’s Day vs International Men’s Day:


Feminists after checking Twitter today:

The double standards are real:

What would we do without them:

Men today:

Show your love for that messy man in your life:

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To all the men out there:

Did you know it’s also World Toilet Day today:


To all the last-minute men in your life:

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Sorry guys, you don’t get a Google Doodle:


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Seriously Google, sort it out:

Men are trash right? Just kidding:

Women when they realise their birthday is on International Men’s Day:

Now that is a talent:


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