Although Dark concluded back in 2020, it left such an impression that its finale is unlikely to feel like some distant memory. Co-creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese crafted something so imaginative and complex that it still lingers in the minds of audiences years later. So, it’s no surprise that fans were eagerly anticipating 1899.

The pair’s latest project is a period thriller TV series that premiered on Netflix on Thursday, November 17th 2022, offering us a new mystery to sink into.

It follows a group of European immigrants boarding a steamship called Kerberos bound for New York City. However, the plot thickens when they encounter another ship called the Prometheus – both names deriving from Greek mythology.

Immediately, questions begin to plague the viewer. What is the deal with the Prometheus in 1899 and what happened to its passengers? Well, let’s dive in with full spoilers and get the 1899 ending explained.


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1889 Prometheus ship and ending explained

It’s eventually revealed that the Kerberos is a simulation that people are stuck in and the Prometheus in 1899 is simply another loop of the simulation, meaning that the passengers aboard both ships are actually the same.

The boy aboard the Prometheus was still there because he hid when passengers were called to restart the simulation, this time on the Kerberos.

Diving deeper into what’s going on, we meet Maura, who is looking for her missing brother; the mystery man and boy are revealed to be her husband Daniel, and son Elliot.

In the finale, we finally unearth the fact that Maura was the one who created the simulation as a way of ensuring her dying son’s survival. After unlocking the truth, Maura awakes aboard a ship, out of the simulation, and it’s actually the year 2099 and they’re aboard a spaceship called the Prometheus.

The entire scenario was part of Project Prometheus and we conclude the series shocked by the true reality of the situation. Ciaran was missing from the simulation because he was the one orchestrating it in reality while Maura was immersing herself in the lie.

With that in mind, the Prometheus in 1899 holds a dual meaning.

‘We didn’t try to make it easier’

The co-creators recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and the interviewer suggested that 1899 is less complicated than Dark, asking the pair if it was deliberate.

“We didn’t want to copy exactly the way we structured things in Dark,” Jantje explained. “I think the two concepts needed two different kinds of storytelling… 1899 just has a different structure. But it’s not like what we thought: People didn’t understand Dark, so we have to make this one easier. I think it’s a very individual thing.”

She continued” “We’ve talked to a lot of people… and it’s kind of half and half. Some said: Oh, it felt more at ease, like it was easier to comprehend. Others were like: This has so many more complicated puzzle pieces, what are you guys doing? I think it’s an individual experience. We didn’t try to make it easier.”

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

A new mystery emerges

With one mystery solved, we now have another… will fans get 1899 season 2?

Netflix nor the co-creators have announced whether it’s been renewed but there’s arguably more space to explore the narrative, especially after that bombshell.

If renewed, it’s certain that season 2 would be a very different beast from the first.

1899 is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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