Dr Disrespect’s Black Steel Bourbon is sold out but customers can get alerted once and if future stock becomes available again.

According to Black Steel Spirits, the brand is currently sold out following overwhelming demand during launch day on Thursday, November 17.

Dr Disrespect announced the brand with a video of himself on Twitter getting into character for a 50-second commercial.

Here’s how to get notified once the bourbon becomes available again.

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Get alerts for Dr Disrespect’s Black Steel Bourbon

While the first batch of bourbon has been sold out, customers can get notified by email when Black Steel Bourbon becomes available again.

You can sign up on Black Steel Spirits‘ official website where you can leave your email address and receive an alert if another batch of the bourbon gets released.

Dot Esports reports that it’s not clear how many bottles have been sold but that there may be more stock available in the near future.

“As avid Bourbon connoisseurs, Black Steel has been a passion project of ours for many years,” the brand wrote on Twitter. “Launch day was a success. The taste of victory has just begun.”

What is Black Steel Bourbon?

Black Steel Bourbon is a small batch bourbon from Kentucky crafted by Guy Beahm, widely known as Dr Disrespect on social media, and master distiller Marianne Eaves.

“Together, this unwieldy team created a delectable small run of bourbon that speaks for itself,” the drink’s description reads.

According to the website, the drink has notes of green apple, cinnamon, charred wood, vanilla bean and citrus peels.

“It’s the perfect combination of artistry and tradition with an unconventional revamp of what it means to be a bourbon,” the drink’s description further adds.

You can check out the commercial for the brand below:

More about the bourbon

The bourbon will be shipped to 30 contiguous states in the US. Customers who managed to purchase a bottle during the launch date, needed to fill in their address to find out if the item can be delivered there.

At the time of publication, it’s not clear whether the brand will become available in other US states and countries.

If you are interested about getting notified about a potential next batch, make sure to add your email address in the ‘Buy Now’ section of Black Steel Spirits.

Moreover, in the bottom page of this section you can register to find about special offers, recipes, events and other Black Steel news.

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