As the holiday season is here, Fruit of The Loom is offering its customers exciting deals on its products, but some are using this as a chance to once again indulge in the ongoing debate about whether the company’s logo ever had a cornucopia in it.

For years, people have debated the appearance of the logo for casual wear and underwear clothing brand. While some believe it did feature a cornucopia at some point, others have refuted it blaming false memory.

Although it doesn’t seem like Internet users would be convinced by any answer, Fruit of The Loom revealed in a recent post if its logo ever had a cornucopia in it.

Did the Fruit of The Loom logo have a cornucopia?

According to Fruit of the Loom, its logo never featured a cornucopia.

Now, if you’re wondering what on earth is a cornucopia and why it’s creating so much confusion, we have it all covered for you!

Simply put, the thing in question is an ornament container shaped like a goat’s horn. It is also a symbol of an abundant supply of good things.

While people continue to debate to date if a cornucopia was ever shown in the Fruit of the Loom logo, the company said in a Tweet:

“The cornucopia was never in the logo, but the internet isn’t ready for that conversation”

Perceived logo attributed to the Mandela Effect

After the Fruit of The Loom established that its logo never had a cornucopia, one Twitter asked: “But then why do I think I learned what a cornucopia was from Fruit of the Loom?”

To which the company responded: “The Mandela Effect is real, the cornucopia in our logo is not.”

Britannica states, the Mandela Effect is a term coined by “self-described paranormal consultant Fiona Broome, after she learned that people shared her false memory of Nelson Mandela’s death in prison in 1980.

So Mandella Effect refers to the recollection of false memories, based on something you believe to have witnessed even if it’s incorrect or you’re influenced by a large group of people that remember the same details as you.

Killer Sally | Official Trailer | Netflix

Killer Sally | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twitter users continue to debate

Once again, Twitter is filled with interesting opinions about the Fruit of The Loom logo and the idea of finding a cornucopia in it.

One Twitter user argued they wouldn’t want to believe the Madela Effect because they remember owning shirts by the brand that had a cornucopia in the logo.

And another said: “Am I tweaking or did the Fruit of the Looms logo have a cornucopia in it when I was younger”

But, one user who believes in the theory of false memory established that there never was a cornucopia in the brand’s logo and many came to believe it due to “fictional imitations” of the same.

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