*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Andor*

In Star Wars, the Empire has always been the big bad of the galaxy but Andor has shone a new and terrifying light on their evil and oppressive deeds.

Thanks to the Empire’s new Public Order Resentencing Directive (PORD), Cassian found himself imprisoned for committing no actual crime and it was clear from the moment of his arrival on Narkina 5 that the prison-factory facility is a cruel and harsh place as inmates are ‘fried’ by an electrically charged floor for insubordination and poor work ethic.

However, matters only got worse in episode 9 as a wave of panic began to wash over Andor’s fellow inmates as word slowly started to circulate that something bad had happened to the prisoners on Level 2 of the facility.

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Something has happened on Level 2

After completing their latest grueling shift, the inmates are kept in the bridge waiting area longer than usual which causes unrest to spread.

Andor’s fellow inmate Taga, who uses a form of sign language to communicate with inmates on other floors, starts to panic as he realizes that something isn’t right.

“I think it’s Level 2,” he says as he deciphers a message from a prisoner on the bridge opposite but he can’t quite make out the exact details of what is happening.

Matters take a confusing turn for the prisoners as the power in the facility briefly shuts off and when it returns, an alarm sounds and they are all ordered to move on from the bridge waiting area.

Andor © Lucasfilm | Disney+

What happened to the prisoners on Level 2 in Andor?

All the inmates in one of the rooms on Level 2 have been killed.

As the episode progresses, more details about the incident slowly start to emerge.

When Andor and his fellow inmates prepare for their next shift, the prisoners who have just finished the night shift reveal that all 100 of the prisoners on Level 2 were fried out and killed.

In an attempt to maintain order, Kino attempts to reassure the inmates that what they’ve heard is just a rumor but his eyes clearly show that he is terrified himself.

The exact details of the Level 2 incident are laid out in full in episode 9’s final scene as Kino and Cassian question a doctor who has been sent to treat elderly inmate Ulaf who has fallen ill.

The doctor explains that an inmate on Level 4 who was supposed to be released was sent back down to work on Level 2, revealing that the Empire has no intention of releasing any of the inmates.

Word of the transferred inmate quickly spread on Level 2 and caused outrage and in order to prevent a potential riot and to stop the secret from getting out, the prison guards killed every inmate on Level 2.

Andor © Lucasfilm | Disney+

Time to pick a side

Since he was introduced, Andy Serkis’s character, Kino Loy, has been entirely against the thought of escaping from Narkina 5.

He believes the best way to see out his remaining 217 days in prison is to keep his head down and get on with the work.

When Cassian questions him about the number of guards on each level, he refuses to answer and goes to sleep.

However, that all changes when he learns the truth of the situation from the doctor and realizes that he may never get out, he finally puts his complacency to one side and agrees to help Cassian, revealing that there are “Never more than 12” guards on each level of the prison.

Andor © Lucasfilm | Disney+

Andor is available to stream now on Disney+ with new episodes arriving on Wednesdays until the finale on November 23.

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