YouTube has just introduced something called YouTube Handles, but what is it?

The site is always adding new features for creators and updating the way the site looks for users, but this is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in years.

Handles will change the way you are identified on the site forever. Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature…

The School for Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

The School for Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is YouTube Handles?

A handle is a username on social media that usually appears next to an @ symbol, like on Twitter or Instagram.

Right now, the video-sharing site only has channel names, which appear in large black letters at the top of every YouTube channel.

However, YouTube is introducing handles, so every YouTube user will now have both a name and a handle, bringing it in line with other social media platforms.

The handle will be part of your channel URL and you can use it to easily direct people to your channel and identify yourself.

It will appear in a few places on your channel including the main channel page, Shorts tab, in Search results and in comments and mentions.

It’s being rolled out in the coming weeks

YouTube sent out an email to all users this week in which it announced the new feature.

“We’re writing to let you know that over the coming weeks YouTube will be introducing handles to make it easier for members of the community to find and connect with each other,” the platform said.

Unlike channel names, handles are unique to every channel so creators can have an individual presence and brand on YouTube.

YouTube said they are “gradually” rolling out the ability to choose a handle over the coming weeks and say you will receive another email when you can choose one.

How to change your handle

If you already have a personalised URL for your channel, YouTube has reserved this for your handle but it can be changed.

You will be able to easily change your handle in the YouTube Studio section which is found by clicking on the bubble in the top right-hand corner.

Starting from November 14 2022, YouTube will start automatically assigning people with handles if they haven’t chosen one already.

This can be changed at any time, but remember each handle is unique and only one person can have that specific name.

If there is a specific handle you want that ins’t the same as your reserved channel name, you’ll need to get in there quick before any other user takes it.

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