Gerard Butler has starred in a diverse array of movies across his screen career, from high-concept blockbusters to intimate romantic dramas,

The 52-year-old Scottish actor has recently been back in the limelight thanks to the addition of the movie Last Seen Alive to Netflix.

It has knocked the divisive Marilyn Monroe-inspired – it’s based on a novel and fictional take of her life – Blonde off the #1 spot in the top 10 movies category in the US.

IndieWire reports that the 2022 thriller knocked Blonde down to the #3 spot, and its dethroning has encouraged some to contemplate what other Gerard Butler movies are on Netflix.

Fortunately, we’ve taken a look and ranked them, just for you…

Last Seen Alive | Vertical Entertainment US YouTube

Best Gerard Butler movies on Netflix ranked

Let’s get to it. There are nine Gerard Butler movies available on the platform in the UK and US, with the brackets indicating which territory has the film.

From worst to best, let’s begin:

9. Gods Of Egypt (UK)

Directed by Alex Proyas, this action-fantasy blockbuster boasted a colossal budget and talented stars but nevertheless became a commercial failure.

It was ultimately regarded as a misfire amongst both critics and audiences, but some may get enjoyment out of the film’s imaginative action sequences. As things stand though, there are better options to stream for Gerard fans.

8. Geostorm (UK)

A fan of Gerard and old-school disaster movies? Well, Geostorm may just be the film for you.

Perhaps best comparable to Roland Emmerich efforts like The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, this 2017 Dean Devlin-directed movie takes place in a world where satellites have been employed to control the weather. When they go haywire, on the other hand, the earth is threatened with extinction as the potential for a global geostorm is unleashed.

It could’ve been a fairly fun popcorn movie if you switch your brain off, but it arguably plays it all a little too sincerely for its own good.

7. The Bounty Hunter (US)

Jennifer Aniston joins Gerard in this 2020 rom-com about a bounty hunter who is tasked with hunting down his ex-wife, and she’s not giving up easily.

It’s good for a lighthearted night on the sofa.

6. London Has Fallen (US)

This 2016 action flick is the follow-up to a film that appears higher on the list and offers a strong cast and big, dumb fun.

If that’s your bag, you’re sure to have a decent time.

Last Seen Alive | Teaser

Last Seen Alive | Teaser

5. Last Seen Alive (US)

The aforementioned Last Seen Alive sees Gerard’s Will Spann search for his missing wife in a tale of a man taking the law into his own hands.

With clear nods to Taken, it can be a tense and wild ride.

4. Olympus Has Fall (US)

The 2013 film from Antoine Fuqua kicked off a trilogy and the original follows Mike Banning on a mission to reclaim the White House from a notorious terrorist.

Arguably the very best of the three films.

3. PS I Love You (UK)

This 2007 romantic drama is definitely a change of pace but tells the touching tale of a widow who finds that her former husband left her messages to help in his absence.

You may want the tissues for this one.

2. Den of Thieves (US)

Now back to the action…

A favourite amongst fans, the 2018 crime saga focuses its lens on officials and criminals as an extraordinary heist is orchestrated.

Expect high-octane action with plenty of grit.

1. Law Abiding Citizen (UK)

After somebody responsible for the death of a family member is set free, a man is compelled to ignore the law and embarks upon a grisly trail of revenge.

For our money, this is the biggest blast of the bunch.

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