If you’re craving some of the iconic snacks you enjoyed during your school days, you’re not alone. This week some nostalgic snacks many enjoyed in their school lunches growing up went viral on TikTok, prompting some to now wonder where they can buy them for themselves.

Last week a TikToker was seen to reignite users’ love for school lunches after the creator shared the nostalgic foods they had bought online.

A video by user @krazysarai has amassed millions of views as she shared a haul of some of the throwback treats she had ordered. While the video gained attention across the app, the question on many viewers’ lips was where they could buy some for themselves.

We explain where the foods are available to buy online, as well as some recipes you can follow at home to recreate them. 

Entergalactic | Final Trailer | Netflix

Entergalactic | Final Trailer | Netflix
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Nostalgic school lunch snacks go viral on TikTok

Last week, TikTok user @krazysarai reminded us of some of our fave school lunch treats as she unboxed a delivery she had received full of throwback snacks in a video.

Some of the iconic school foods featured in the video included rectangle pizza, max cheese sticks, and super donuts.

The video has gone on to amass more than 2.1 million likes as well as a further 15.2 million views, with many users on the video-sharing app having taken to the comments as they reacted to the throwback snacks.

@krazysarai is not the only user to have shared an unboxing-style video of some nostalgic school food classics. In August, the TikTok user @kimdoesthings uploaded a similar video which also went on to earn millions of views. 


the nostalgia is real😭😭😂 i’m so excited BYE #fyp #food

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Where to buy the throwback school lunch foods online

As explained by both @krazysarai and @kimdoesthings, those wanting to buy some of the nostalgic school lunch foods can shop them online at the website Guinther’s

On the site, you can shop and order a multitude of throwback school faves across snack foods, sweet treats, pizzas, and breakfast classics. While you can select your own mix of nostalgic treats, there is also the option to buy a bundle which has a preselected mix of iconic treats.

Prices of individual items range, although most items appear to be between $10 and $50. There are also four bundles that feature throwback school foods, including Make Break-fast ($229), Snack Pack ($219), Air Fryer ($134), and Pizza Lovers ($214). 

A recent TikTok on the Guinther’s page explains that the retailer has been in business for over two decades, initially starting out as a meat distributor. The company has since evolved to selling nostalgic school foods as well as meat and transitioned to online ordering and shipping last year. 

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You can also recreate classic school lunch foods with these recipes 

While you can now buy some of your fave school lunch snacks and treats, it’s also possible to make some of the classic foods at home.

Those craving to taste school lunch pizza once again can follow this recipe. If you are wanting to recreate potato smiley fries at home, you can follow this Parade guide. 

Cheese lovers can also follow this recipe to make their own version of cheese sticks and this guide to make their own pizza logs.

For others with a more of a sweet tooth, we also found a recipe to recreate french toast sticks and apple pie logs.