Hurricane Ian continues to batter Florida and people around the world are sharing prayers online to show support for victims.

Hurricane Ian strengthened to a category 4 storm as it bore down on Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday, September 28 after knocking out power throughout Cuba earlier in the week.

Hurricane Ian hits Florida

The storm moved up from Cuba and hit the southern US state yesterday, moving onshore between late morning and early afternoon.

Following the forecast, Governor Ron DeSantis said more than two million people along Florida’s Gulf Coast were under an evacuation order. He added the storm would “dump an enormous amount of rain on the state of Florida.”

Photo by NOAA via Getty Images

And although DeSantis offered hope by saying Florida had coped with numerous storms in the past and would deal with this one and move on, he still asked for prayers.

“Pray for people. This is a major, major storm,” DeSantis said. “There’s some storms that really leave an indelible impact… this is going to be one of those historic storms and it’s going to shape the communities in southwest Florida and have a profound impact on our state. So we just ask people for their thoughts and prayers.

“It’s never fun to have damage. It’s never fun to see flooding, it’s never fun to see power interrupted. But you kind of deal with it. And then you move forward.”

The governor also stated about 30,000 electricity linemen, numerous urban search-and-rescue teams, and 7,000 National Guard troops were ready to help once the weather cleared. The National Hurricane Center in Florida, however, has said it fears a storm surge of up to 18ft.

People offer prayers for Florida victims of Hurricane Ian

People around the world are offering thoughts and prayers via memes and images posted on Twitter in support of all those suffering under the wrath of Hurricane Ian:

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