Looking for something new to try on PS5 that isn’t called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Sony has a PS Plus Premium game trial well worth checking out in September 2022.

The next PS Plus free games demo was released the same week as the techi giant dropped several high-profile titles into its digital library, at the same time as making it possible to play the new MW2 open beta at no extra charge.

And while the most expensive membership plan currently offers a fresh selection of games from Ubisoft and other partners, it is still worth checking out the latest free game trial for PS5.

Steelrising | Story Trailer

Steelrising | Story Trailer

New PS+ Game Trial Out Now

There’s a good chance you will have missed the addition of the new two-hour Steelrising Trial added to PS Plus Premium in September 2022. Not only is there a new list of retro titles to explore, including Syphon Filter 2, but fans can also play Deathloop, Assassin’s Creed Origin and Watch Dogs 2 as part of their subscription.

Some of these are only available on next-gen devices, and that’s the same for the new Steelrising demo that just dropped. Like other trial titles, the two-hour trial starts after you have completed your download and you have accessed the game, so no one has to worry about wasting precious minutes during the installation process.

The one thing to note is that we don’t know how long the new trial will remain available on the platform or if any changes will be made to it in the future.

We know that a new update is coming to the full game that will remain off-limits to those accessing the trial version during September 2022.

The game will receive a new Game+ Mode, which allows players to bring their weapons, levels, gear, and upgrades, but the enemies will be getting some improvements of their own.

A message from developers Spiders have confirmed this update will be dropping on September 29, adding:

“Game Plus is a feature that allows you to play the game again – as it resets the quests – on a higher difficulty level while keeping your character’s progress (level, weapons, upgrades). You’ll need to download the new patch when the NG+ is available.”

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