iOS 16 arrived last week and iPhone users have discovered a cute new Distance Widget that you can add to your Lock Screen.

Apple’s latest operating system launched on Sept 12 and has loads of exciting features, but users are most obsessed with the new customisation tools.

For the first time ever, people can edit their Lock Screen, changing the font and colour of the time and date and setting a series of photos to shuffle automatically.

You can also add Widgets, which are icons on your iPhone that show information from apps at a glance, making it easier to see things like the weather, calendar events and news headlines.

This week, a new one called the Distance Apart Widget has gone viral, but what is it? And how do you get it? Read on to find out…

Andor | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus

Andor | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus

What is the Distance Apart Widget?

The viral Distance Apart Widget shows you the real time distance between you and your friend, significant other or family member.

It can be connected to any other iPhone user, so it’s perfect if you want to keep an eyes on where your children are, track your best friend or even locate your parents.

Lots of people are also doing it with their boyfriend or girlfriend, allowing them to see exactly how far away they are without even unlocking their phone.

If you and the person are together, the Widget will change and say ‘we’re together’ instead of showing a number in metres.

However, it’s not in iPhone’s own Widget section and you’ll have to download an external Widget app to do it. Find a step-by-step guide below.

How to get the Distance Apart Widget

First, you need to find and save the Distance Widget:

  • Download a free app called Widgetable which has a green logo.
  • Open the app and click on the Lock Screen menu.
  • Find the purple Widget called Distance and click on it.
  • Press the Friends button on the right and send your Widgetable code a friend.
  • Ask them to do the same so that you can add each other to the friends list.
  • Go back to the Distance Widget and press Select.
  • Select the friend that you just added and want to show your distance from.
  • Save the Widget.

Here’s how to apply the Distance Widget to your Lock Screen:

  • On your iPhone go to Settings > Wallpaper > Customise.
  • Press Widgets and then find Widgetable in the Add Widgets section.
  • Choose either the Circular Widget or Rectangle Widget.
  • Press the empty Widget and select the Friends Distance Widget.
  • Now add it to you Lock Screen.

Other ways to customise your Lock Screen

Widgets aren’t the only way you can customise your Lock Screen with iOS 16 – there are lots of exciting new features!

In the Customise section on your iPhone, you can change the font of the time and date, and you can make the subject of your wallpaper pop out in front of the time too.

iOS 16 will intelligently suggest photos from your library that will look great on your Lock Screen, and there is a gallery of ideas to choose from if you’re stuck on how to customise it.

You can add filters and styles to your wallpaper directly within the customisation section without having to use an editing app as well.

Plus, you can set a series of photos that will shuffle automatically, and you can create multiple screens and switch between them throughout the day.

To edit your Lock Screen, hold down on the screen and then press Customise which will bring up all the different features.

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