Remakes tend to be pretty divisive but there are plenty of movies out there that audiences may not even be aware are remakes. A recent example is Goodnight Mommy.

Directed by Matt Sobel, the American psychological horror is actually a remake of the 2014 Austrian film of the same name.

This time around we have Naomi Watts and Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti in the central roles, telling the story of twin brothers who believe their mother has been switched with a stranger when she returns home from surgery.

It was released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 16th 2022 and is sure to raise some eyebrows, so let’s get the Goodnight Mommy ending explained.


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Goodnight Mommy ending explained

Elias and Lucas fear that their mother is a bandaged impostor. She has trouble remembering things they feel she should know and she is adamant that they don’t venture into the barn, clearly the source of a sinister secret.

Her eye colour has changed and she becomes easily aggressive as the boys believe that their real mother is being held hostage in the barn.

With things becoming tenser, they decide to tie her up. Her bandages have been taken off and she looks like their mother, but they’re not convinced.

However, Elias unties her and feels that Lukas may have a powerful hold over him and the discovery of coloured contact lenses lead him to feel that Lukas has been hiding the truth.

The big reveal comes when we learn that Lukas hasn’t actually been by Elias’ side this entire time. Mother takes her son to the barn and it’s revealed that he actually killed his brother, having shot him with a gun.

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A heartbreaking conclusion

Imagining Lukas was simply a coping mechanism as he was struggling to process what he had done. His mother’s unusual behaviour can be explained by grief and loss. Her change suddenly begins to make total sense.

On the other hand, Elias is hesitant to confront the reality of what has happened and he pushes his mother from a platform in the barn and he flees the scene after it’s set on fire.

Watching from a distance, Elias is met by hallucinations of his mother and brother comforting and reassuring him. He feels guilt for the death of both family members but essentially retreats into fantasy as a way to disguise his culpability.

Goodnight Mommy | Official Trailer

Goodnight Mommy | Official Trailer

‘A dark, twisted fantasy’

The director recently opened up about the differences between the original and remake during a conversation with Slash Film:

“Our film is much more about one boy and his perception of the world, and it’s shot so as that we’re seeing the world through his eyes. And that all came from this same idea of we want to see the movie playing in Elias’ mind for the first 80% of the film. And he’s imagining this situation to be a dark, twisted fantasy.”

He added: “Then only when he’s shoved out of that story does he see that the reality is potentially even more horrifying than that.”

Goodnight Mommy is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.