It has just been confirmed that season 3 of Beastars will be the last for the hit anime series and will release on Netflix in 2024.

Beastars is arguably one of the most ingenious, controversial and engrossing anime series of the past few years, having been one of the few shows to break into the mainstream media.

Season 2 surpassed every expectation that we had for the series when the anime made its triumphant return in July 2021; however, as one door closes another door opens; with fans around the world now desperate to know what the future holds for Legoshi and the cohort at Cherryton Academy.

The good news is that the third and final season of the Beastars anime has just been confirmed to release on Netflix in 2024 – here is everything that fans need to know.

BEASTARS Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

BEASTARS Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Beastars season 3 will be the final anime instalment

We have both good and bad news for fans of the Beastars anime adaptation; the good news is that Studio Orange has officially renewed the hit anime series for season 3, and the bad news is that it will be the last season in the series.

Whilst Beastars is labelled as a Netflix original anime series, the platform only purchases the international broadcasting rights – meaning that any renewal decision is made by Studio Orange and the Japanese broadcast partners. Thankfully, the studio wasted no time in taking advantage of the hype surrounding the series, officially renewing Beastars for season 3 on July 20th, 2021.

Unfortunately, the third season of the Beastars anime series will be the last, as confirmed in a recent update on the official Japanese website; only to be additionally shared by Studio Orange and Netflix too. Whilst the renewal is indeed welcomed, not many fans will be too surprised by the return to Cherryton Academy thanks to Beastars’ global popularity and availability of source material.

The fan response to the anime series proves just how popular the anthropomorphic anime is around the world: with outstanding scores seen across user-based feedback websites including an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.7/10 on IMDB, with a 7.87/10 and 7.83/10 seen across both seasons on MyAnimeList.

“Beastars is a show that isn’t afraid of doing things that most other shounen would rather not do, simply to please the fans. That, in itself, is a plus point and makes Beastars worth a shot for anyone wondering if they should watch this or not. It has a very unique premise, and for once, the portrayal of animals in a human-like society isn’t simply for the purpose of comedy. It takes risks and manages to come out on top. I will admit though, that in the last 3 episodes, it did lean towards the more typical shounen tropes, which is probably one of the only negatives I can point out. Overall, Beastars was a solid seasonal anime which I’ll definitely continue and recommend.” – User review, via MAL.

There is also plenty of source material from the manga series left to adapt into more anime seasons, which can often be the decisive factor in series renewals.

According to a report by AnimeGeek, season 2 concluded by adapting chapter 99 of the original manga series, this is the beginning of volume 12.

Thankfully, as of September 2022, 196 chapters across 22 volumes have now been published domestically in Japan, meaning that there was plenty of source material left to be adapted for the third season.

Curiously, this means that season 3 will likely breeze past large portions of the manga if season 3 consists of another 12 episodes; on the other hand, it could mean season 3 is increased to 16 or 24 episodes to combat this.

Beastars season 3 confirmed to release in 2024

Alongside the recent confirmation that season 3 of Beastars would be the anime adaptation’s conclusion, it was also revealed that the series its final broadcast on Netflix in 2024.

“BEASTARS FINAL SEASON. Anime distribution start in 2024. #NETFLIX The final chapter in the anime series, decided to be distributed in 2024. 1st and 2nd production team continuation. Director: Shinichi Matsumi Screenplay: Nanami Higuchi Production: Orange. I can meet Legosi again..Stay tuned for more!” – BST-anime, via Twitter.

Unfortunately, a more specific release date was not shared, but is it possible to make an early prediction based on the production cycle of previous seasons?

The anime was first revealed publicly in February 2019, making its domestic debut in October of the same year. Season 2 would then be renewed in December 2019, with the Japanese broadcast starting in January 2021.

Based on this information and the recent confirmation of season 3’s release in 2024, HITC predicts that Beastars season 3 will release in Japan in January 2024 on the Winter anime slate.

However, fans outside Japan should note that Beastars’ final season will likely only premiere on Netflix after the domestic broadcast has concluded – which was what happened with both the first and second seasons respectively.

It is also worth noting that if the third television broadcast doesn’t conclude the original storyline and the remaining 95 manga chapters, we could see a feature film being produced – as is the recent trend within the anime industry.

A quick review of season 2 and where to read manga

Let us get something out of the way first, there are certain scenes in season 2 that are still uncomfortable to watch. Granted there will be plenty of people out there who don’t see anything wrong with some of the interspecies portrayal, but I would argue that the majority of fans are still not 100% comfortable with watching specific parts.

However, once you push that aside, it is nothing but praise for Beastars season 2. The pacing is solid, the fantastic music persists, the animation is still gorgeous and the voice acting remains top-tier. However, the stars of the show, the ones on stage in the bright lights (even the true ‘Beastars’ itself) were in this season…all of the side characters.  

The world felt more alive, the characters’ felt more fleshed-out (pardon the puns) and there was now weight to the micro-decisions that characters made in their personal lives. Season 1 was all about Legoshi, Louis and Haru; and there was nothing wrong with that.

Yet going into a sequel season, the variety of other characters and their importance within the wider narrative made everything more enjoyable. From the new villain in Riz, to learning more about Juno, to the other members of the drama club and Ibuki – the side characters are the reason why season 2 is arguably the better season to watch.

As for where you can read the manga, only 19 of the 22 published volumes have been released in English, with volume 20 set to launch on September 20th, followed by volume 21 on November 15th.

You can acquire physical copies of the Beastars manga via Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones and Bookshop. Whereas digital versions can be purchased through Google Play, iBooks, Kindle and Nook.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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