The boy from TikTok’s Corn Song goes viral as users can’t get enough of it

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

TikTok is known for making the most random things go viral and the users’ latest obsession is the Corn Song and the little boy featured in it.

Usually, we see familiar songs playing in the background of some newly created trend. But, the song about corn, unlike others, has become a trend by itself.

Anybody that has heard the song can be found reciting its lyrics intentionally or unintentionally, thanks to its catchy tune!

Just so that you don’t feel left out, we have found the creator of the song for you, along with its origin.

Plate of grilled corn, tomatoes and zucchini

What is the Corn Song?

As the name suggests, the song literally only talks about corn and how good it tastes.

The song was created as a remixed version of an interview of a young boy on a channel called @recesstherapy.

TikTok user @schmoyoho made the interview into a song by adding his own music into the words of the boy, turning it into one of the catchiest tracks ever!

The Corn Song was only uploaded four days ago, but it has already clocked more than 3.4 million likes and the original post is flooded with plenty of reactions.

Meanwhile, the creator has also joined the rest of them by praising corn and jokingly claiming that it’s better than anything on the internet.


intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 – from iconic interview on @doingthings

♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

Here are the lyrics

It seems like many TikTok users are having a hard time trying to contemplate what the little boy says as his words are mixed with the music. But don’t you worry, as we’ve figured out the complete lyrics for you.

The lyrics for the corn song go:

It’s corn, with a big lump with knobs.
It has the juice. I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.
It’s corn, I can tell you all about it.
I mean, look at this thing.
When I tried it with butter everything changed.”

The popularity of the song has already spread across other platforms including Twitter, where users are actively talking about it.

So, maybe you can listen to it too when you are munching a corn chip yourself.

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TikTok users are obsessed with it

It isn’t Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl or Beyonce’s Break My Soul that’s sweeping TikTok, but the Corn Song that’s constantly ringing in their heads.

One commented, “can’t imagine a more beautiful thing” is #1 for me, most pure and wholesome line”

“I can’t get this song out of my head since yesterday,” wrote another.

One user added, “I’ve been trying so hard not to scream “ITS CORN!” In public spaces.”

“When I twied it with butter and every changed “ # 1 on the billboard charts,” read one more comment.